I've been working my ass off for the past 4 days and it's time for some time off. I'm here just hanging out. I would love to hear from someone. I have party supplies, the whole nine. Even someone to just talk or chat or whatever with would be cool with me too.I love taking pictures. I love girls that love taking pictures, in love sending me pictures I love to take pictures of girls and girls take pictures of me. I have no problem proving what I'm about. I will do personalized photos video whatever you might want. Pretty much, I'll be up all night long till the break of dawn.. And I will be awake all night long too. 😁. I'm going to keep an eye out tonight I hope to hear from someone.

speaking of pictures here are some pictures that a friend and I took a couple of weeks ago. BTW, I have her permission to post them. I think she's freakier than I am LOL.excuse the resolution in some of the photos. I did not have my good phone with me that night.