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  • Dating norm

    In my country which is Stuttgart, Germany our usual dating goes like this we usually prefer to take dates much longer like meeting people through trusted circles and get to know someone longer. Typically through groups of friends before developing it into something romantic. This I think is one reason why online dating is slow to take hold in our country. How about you guys, can you share any dating norm from your country.

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    If you really want something, distance doesn't matter.


    • BabeLady
      BabeLady commented
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      It does matter when you are countries apart.

    • BigDaddy69
      BigDaddy69 commented
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      Agree. distance doesn't matter.

    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      Not if it's at the other end of the freakin world

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    It is the same as yours since we came from the same country.


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      I guess most dating norms is the same to most countries, maybe there is a little bit of difference but that's not unusual.


      • J3nnyTalia
        J3nnyTalia commented
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        I agree, different cultures don't necessarily mean that you have also different dating norms.

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      For us, dating can be easy if you like the guy and he likes you too then sooner you guys can be official.


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        Well maybe because of your culture that is why dating is slow in your country.


        • StrongAsZeus
          StrongAsZeus commented
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          Thought so too.

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        In our country, we are known for being straightforward about our feelings so dating is actually fast.


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        I think that all dates have the same flow whatever it might be. The only thing that varies would be when you would have sex with each other lol


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          Just hope that having sex during the first date would be a norm already lol


          • CupcakeComments
            CupcakeComments commented
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            So that you don't need to spend a huge amount since all you're after is the sex after the date?

          • Cupcakesi
            Cupcakesi commented
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            That depends if your date is liberated.

          • MasQue
            MasQue commented
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            I know movies and real life is miles apart, but in movies: typical teenagers nowadays have sex, and when they seem to like each other, then they'd*go on dates. Yeah, I really hope this won't be a trend if it isn't already.

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          As you have known, New Zealand women were the most promiscuous in the world. but this doesn't apply to me though, those just came from the surveys.


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            Here in Canada, we meet each other in the bars or some places. If we like each other we go on a date, then it's up to us if we will be official.


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              You're far from me but I'm interested with you.