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How To Avoid A Bad Date

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  • How To Avoid A Bad Date

    Can you share to us tips in order for you to avoid being in a bad date?

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    Avoid talking about yourself too much and don't go on a first date while you still haven't fully recovered from your previous relationship


    • holleroutyo
      holleroutyo commented
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      Agree, he might misunderstand it and might think that you are arrogant.

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    Be on time and dress to impress, but don't try too hard. Being late can be a major turn-off for some guys


    • hardandrough
      hardandrough commented
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      Yeah, especially in Japan where lates are considered to be rude.

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    Avoid looking at your cellphone every now and then when you are on a date, that is a major turn off.


    • yumyum
      yumyum commented
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      I agree you are on a date to get to know each other, not to look at your cellphone.

    • CupcakeComments
      CupcakeComments commented
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      HoneyConey and yumyum You're both correct, a date should be interactive.

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    Don't talk about anything that is relationship related. Exes, what type of partner you are, etc...


    • KellyEM
      KellyEM commented
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      I think that telling him what kind of partner you are is just fine. It would help him decide whether or not there would be a second date

    • Mor2thisIknoe
      Mor2thisIknoe commented
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      It would also make your date think that you're getting way ahead of yourself

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    Avoid being too picky when it comes to the food that you would be ordering. Also make sure that you have some money with you because he might be the type who tends to split the bill (if you're a girl)


    • bubblebutt6969
      bubblebutt6969 commented
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      Absolutely! I guess those tips that you've stated are the best ways to avoid having a bad date.

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    Make sure that you would do it with someone who shares a common interest with you


    • rockmybedpls
      rockmybedpls commented
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      That's a bit difficult to pull off if it would be a blind date

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    LMAO! The best way I can think of is not to date anyone at all.


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    Set the date to a place where you are both comfortable going.


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      Avoid being arrogant, egoistic and prideful. That will turn anyone's off.


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        Offer to split the bill after dinner unless he says he's okay paying it all.


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          Don't go on blind dates unless you're able to have a quick research of the guy


          • BigDaddy69
            BigDaddy69 commented
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            Hey, if you go out on a date with me, I will assure you it will be the best date of your life.

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          Don't be too upfront with what you're looking for in a guy or girl


          • halfSlut23
            halfSlut23 commented
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            I would also suggest that.

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          Just stay calm and be yourself while you are on a date. Sometimes, trying so hard to be someone can ruin a date.


          • hitthesack
            hitthesack commented
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            Thanks for the tip. So are you interested to go out with me?

          • PussySlay
            PussySlay commented
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            hitthesack Sorry, I'm not interested. lol

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          Be conversational, if possible, start a topic that you both are comfortable discussing it.


          • 1xz9
            1xz9 commented
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            Can you give us examples of good topics to discuss in a date?