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  • What To Wear?

    During dates, are you the one who spends forever to dress up or you're the type who has clothes that you would often wear?

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    I don't have any go to clothes, but I don't take that long when it comes to deciding what to wear


    • BearMsAlive
      BearMsAlive commented
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      How many minutes it usually takes you to change?

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    I'm a guy so this is not really a problem for me since all I have to make sure is that my clothes doesn't have holes in them and I don't look like a bum or something


    • bubblebutt6969
      bubblebutt6969 commented
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      Well, you guys have it all easy when it comes to dates unlike us ladies here

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    I am the type of girl spending an hour finding the right dress for me.


    • BigDaddy69
      BigDaddy69 commented
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      Guess that you're making it sure to put your best foot forward for that date

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    I always go for that sexy black dress which is a requirement for most women


    • Cupcakeri
      Cupcakeri commented
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      That's my default date dress and I often get a second date because of it

    • XperiencedVirgin
      XperiencedVirgin commented
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      LoveShove how many black dresses do you own?

    • MasQue
      MasQue commented
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      Black dress is really not for all occasion. Do you have secondary pick?

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    If I know that I'll be somewhere. I usually think of this few days or sometimes weeks in advance.


    • fistingfatties
      fistingfatties commented
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      Are you the type who would often over think about this kind of stuff?

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    I'm more concerned about my hair and face rather than the clothes that I'm going to wear


    • BuiltToLast
      BuiltToLast commented
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      So how long does it usually take to fix your hair and make up?

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    Of course I take my time. I really take these kind of things seriously.


    • AudreyA
      AudreyA commented
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      Well, most of us girls take this seriously.

    • Informerem
      Informerem commented
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      And how long does it usually take for you before you're ready for the date?

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    Nah, I am already gorgeous so whatever I wear is good for me.


    • VickyMae55
      VickyMae55 commented
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      So how many minutes will it take you to change?

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    Well, I love looking great so I spend at least half an hour searching for the right dress for me.


    • BeautifulCupful
      BeautifulCupful commented
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      Are you the type who would say that you don't have clothes to wear even if you got a shit ton of clothes?

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    It's all about not looking fat,.


    • BabeLady
      BabeLady commented
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      I'm guessing that most of your clothes have dark colors

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    Yeah because I want to look good especially if it's a firs date.


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      I wish the time women take to dress up is the time given to men to finish watching the game.


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        It will take me at least an hour before I am fully dressed.


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          The only reason why it takes that long for me is because I do things in a really relaxed pace