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  • Right age

    The society seemingly has expectations for us to follow. These are like the stages of life that we need to go through. And while most people are able to get on track, some of us get astray. So, what is the right age to get married?

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    I know that women are the ones who should be more concerned with this. Especially the ones who are planning to have their own children. But if you wouldn't factor that, the right age to get marriage is when you feel that you've done all the things that you wanted to try in your single life


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      It is when you're ready to let go of the crazy things that you usually do and focus on things like raising a family and choosing the right soccer mom van lol


      • Cupcakesi
        Cupcakesi commented
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        Have you actually hit that stage or that's the farthest thing in your mind at the moment?

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      I would suggest that you do it when you're ready for it. Don't let society decide when you should have certain things in life


      • BearMsAlive
        BearMsAlive commented
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        I think this is also a nice idea but when you are ready at 65 years old then getting pregnant naturally would no longer possible unless you undergo IVF treatments.

      • HoneySpyder
        HoneySpyder commented
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        And what if that time doesn't come? Just be content to be single for the rest of your life?

      • TeaHoney
        TeaHoney commented
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        HoneySpyder there's a chance that they wouldn't mind to end up being single if the time doesn't come

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      Our instructor once told us to get pregnant, which entails getting married as well, at age 18.


      • Amazeac
        Amazeac commented
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        What a joke. Getting pregnant and getting married at such a young age? At 18, you are still a teenager and so much life is still waiting for you to discover.

      • AirFeline
        AirFeline commented
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        Was your instructor born and raised during the 1950's that's why he or she is that conservative?

      • SimplyAlisha
        SimplyAlisha commented
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        Was your instructor born during the 1800's that's why he or she suggesting to you guys to get married at an early age?

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      When the right man comes then that would be the right time to get married. It does not matter if the man came at you are 18 or if the man came at you at 99 or if the man came in between those ages. Sure, there would be drawbacks at marrying at a very early age and at very late age but what we are after is the happiness that you have found the right person to marry.


      • AglowBeautiful
        AglowBeautiful commented
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        So you're willing to wait for the right guy rather than the right time?