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  • Come As You Are

    Have you been in dates in which you or your date was not being true to yourself or his or herself? Like pretending that you're something that you're a model or something like that?

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    Not a date, but there was this one guy who try to chat me up by telling me that he's from old money. If you don't know what old money is, they are families who've been rich for many generations already. Like the Vanderbilt's, Rockefeller's


    • BabyBabu
      BabyBabu commented
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      Would you believe in that shit? He probably is fooling himself. If he truly is from that family then shouldn't he be just keeping it a secret?

    • CupcakeTasty
      CupcakeTasty commented
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      BabyBabu maybe you should try and tell that to Paris Hilton. Since she's basically from a really rich family and never had plans of keeping it a secret

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    Went out on a couple of dates with someone who told me that he was single. After a few weeks, I received a message from his wife telling me to stop seeing her husband and that they've been married for three years and were expecting their second child


    • Amazeac
      Amazeac commented
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      I'm guessing that he's not really from your city that's why he was able to pretend that he's single

    • TastyLove
      TastyLove commented
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      There are just some men who would go into an extra length just to get laid. Don't you just hate them?

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    I'm bad at lying so, I'd always tell the truth and I don't mind. He might filter out the things I say to be true or not.


    • fistingfatties
      fistingfatties commented
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      People might get the idea if you're lying or not. You probably mention things repetitively or you probably stutter

    • AirFeline
      AirFeline commented
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      fistingfatties if the person is bad at lying, then he or she can be easily caught lying by the people that they're talking with

    • TeaBroadway
      TeaBroadway commented
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      Do you have some sort of "tell" that's why people immediately know if you're lying or not?

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    I don't like being pretentious because I know that I might fail to be in character to the person I was pretending to be.


    • HoneyConey
      HoneyConey commented
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      XperiencedVirgin probably because they might be guarding themselves of possible danger.

    • BugAlive
      BugAlive commented
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      But was there a time where you pretended to be someone else?

    • ablasta
      ablasta commented
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      The fact that your name describes who you really are lol!

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    I always bring out myself to other people. My truest form even if I'm too vulgar but it's best to be honest with yourself. But of course not most of the time


    • HoneySpyder
      HoneySpyder commented
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      What's the most vulgar thing that you've done that got you in trouble before?

    • Tastyblic
      Tastyblic commented
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      You should make it all the time since you had already brought out your true self.

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    I once pretended and introduced myself as a chef with my blind date. So we played a little game where I critique the food that we ordered. I was telling if the food was good or bad. Then, he asked me some questions like better preparations and the substitute ingredients of the food that we ordered. I became speechless but I felt the hotness on my cheeks and on the tips of my ears. He then began to answer all of his questions. Later on, I learned that he was a real chef.


    • PieFlavor
      PieFlavor commented
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      So, after that embarrassment that you did to yourself, did he immediately ghosted you? Lol

    • Lookingforlovin
      Lookingforlovin commented
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      That's what happens when you try to be pretentious lol you just made a fool of yourself.

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    I'm always true to myself during dates or getting to know people. It can't be that bad, since there are billions of people out there.


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      I think that all of us have said a lie during a date in some form or the other


      • hitthesack
        hitthesack commented
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        So what's the most common lie that you would tell your date?