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  • Leave him be or not?

    Last night, I went out for some coffee with my high school bestfriend. Just the usual catching up and having desserts when she opened up to me that she's falling out of love with her long-term boyfriend. The reason behind it is that he once cheated on her, but because she truly loved him, she accepts him back. And here's the OMG part. She's secretly dating her best friend/co-worker that's always been there for her whenever she's feeling down. I felt hurt because I've failed to be that friend who'll always be there for her, now we're both confused but I told her that she should leave her boyfriend. The reason for him cheating in the past is already acceptable enough for her to leave him. What else can you say about this?

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    As you said, the reason for him cheating in the past is acceptable enough for her to leave him. If the love is no longer there, then she should leave her long-term boyfriend, if she's already broken up with him, THEN she should admit it to him like: "Oh, I almost forgot, I'm already in love with someone else, and I'll disguise this guy as my co-worker. Have a nice life, cheater!". Ahh, music to my ears, lol.


    • BabyBabu
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      The second last paragraph got me like whoa, that's one fierce and dramatic way of dumping a boyfriend. Way to go sis! Well, she should leave him for her co-worker and I bet that he treats her right. Hoping that she'll start a happy life with him.

    • Rilene90
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      Originally posted by Jaime12 View Post
      If the love is no longer there, then she should leave her long-term boyfriend if she's already broken up with him
      Exactly! If she no longer lobes him then she should break up with him and she should go out with her co-worker if that makes her happy. There's no one stopping her from that.

    • SmgSpuffy
      SmgSpuffy commented
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      I don't know why she'd even let him back into her life just like that, then at the end, she will just cheat on him and will feel guilty of leaving him. Is she on her right mind or something?

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    Well, it's better if she already broke up with her boyfriend and that's when she started dating her co-worker. Possibly that they've already kissed or has done something way more than just kissing, but you guys get my point here. If she's no longer in love with her current boyfriend then she should dump her right now. I think she just feels bad and confused because they've been together for years now.


    • Kristen23
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      I agree with all of you BigDaddy69, squirrellove and VickyMae55, she should've left if she knows that she's already falling in love with someone else.

    • Mor2thisIknoe
      Mor2thisIknoe commented
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      How good can you analyze the situations? I think that you had given a very nice answer here.

    • halfSlut23
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      Yeah, I agree with what you have stated. Better break up with her current boyfriend then be with her co-worker.

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    If she's already dating someone else, why would she still stay in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend? I just find that situation absurd because it looks like she's being a two-timer. I think it is best if she breaks up with the boyfriend immediately and just continue dating the other one. She wouldn't be dating the coworker if she doesn't have feelings with him, right? Maybe their relationship will work better.


    • Shane77
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      youngsterme she is definitely stupid if she does that. She's also a martyr if she chose to be with her current boyfriend. But I'll commend her for her perseverance if she actually does what you're saying. Lmao!

    • lovie456
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      She's already a two-timer there, I hope she doesn't stay that way. Think of it, she'll leave her boyfriend for the new guy, and sooner or later she will cheat on her new boyfriend for her ex. The cycle is never-ending.

    • HoneySpyder
      HoneySpyder commented
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      It does not look like she is a two-timer because she already is! Her friend is a simple flirt who hides a dark secret while pretending that she was the victim of her boyfriend. How I hate women who manipulate things just to get sympathy from other people.

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    I do think that they are just fooling each other and totally wasting time. If you still haven't figured it out yet, they are both cheaters! What can I say? Birds with the same feather flock together. LOL!


    • lover404
      lover404 commented
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      We think the same way! Maybe they should just stick with each other and continue cheating behind each other's backs. They might be okay with that set up since they are both cheaters anyway.

    • Aglowwo
      Aglowwo commented
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      LOL. I laughed when I read your statement. Yup, they are just the same - fooling each other. What a crazy couple.

    • Danica505
      Danica505 commented
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      It's funny how they're both cheaters and they both ended up together, how comical is that? I'll just hope for the best to her co-worker to somehow change his mind about dating her cheating ass.

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    It would be best if they split up. Tell your best friend that their relationship is unhealthy and toxic already. It even reached a point that the best friend cheated and is secretly dating someone else. Honestly, if people knew about their situation, they may think that both of them are stupid.


    • honesty101
      honesty101 commented
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      What makes them both stupid is that they're both cheating on each other behind they're backs and showing the world how much they love each other and they're still together after everything that had happened. Oh well, they're old enough to fix the situation they both got themselves into.

    • pleaserloser
      pleaserloser commented
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      honesty101 you've spoken with a lot of honesty right there and it suits your username very well! Oh, yeah going back to the original topic, yes they're both stupid they're perfect for each other, no wait, what? They should split up, right? Oh, well...

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    Then, it this case, your friend is the one who is at fault. I thought that they were already okay? Why would she date an another man when she has a boyfriend?


    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      I agree with badbadboys in here. I think all three of them should go their separate ways and start over. After a toxic and crazy relationship, all of them deserve to have a fresh start.

    • AnneCubix
      AnneCubix commented
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      ablasta, I think she's trying to get a sweet taste of revenge from what he did but you know what they say, two wrongs cannot make one right. So what's her point of cheating back? They're such perfect couple for cheating on each other, just, wow!

    • LovelyAlive
      LovelyAlive commented
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      They were already okay. It is just that her friend seems like a flirty and bitchy woman for secretly dating her co-worker. The co-worker who has been there all those times, I assume.

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    She's secretly dating her best friend/co-worker that's always been there for her whenever she's feeling down.

    Oh, what a sneaky move. She could breakup with her current boyfriend then continue to date with her friend/co-worker.


    • Annalyn
      Annalyn commented
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      This is right. That is the best thing she can do. Instead of trying to date two guys, why not just pick the one who's making her happier and who clearly cares more for her.

    • playagame
      playagame commented
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      Or, she could stay with her current boyfriend and the keep the co-worker as her side man. Oh, what a bitch! lol. This gave me an idea.

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    Why is it that most of you in here keep on siding with the girl? It seems like you've forgotten about the fact that she is cheating. But I will still not defend the guy because he cheated as well. My only point is not because you're a girl, you have to side with the girl. Remember that there are always two sides of the story. Anyway, I also think that it would be good if they break up already instead of staying together in a relationship where one of them is cheating.


    • Lucricia17
      Lucricia17 commented
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      You're right, actually, I was thinking of the same thing. It's a bit gender-biased when a girl cheats back to a cheating boyfriend. I don't get why cheating back as an act of revenge is tolerable when you're female? It does not go that way if you cheated, then you're a cheater, that's it.

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    I could say that your friend is a big flirt. She has a boyfriend but still seeing someone else. Wow. She could not make up her mind or what?


    • VanVan01
      VanVan01 commented
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      She's making the whole situation more confusing for herself. Yes, her boyfriend cheated on her, she accepted him again, and now she's the one who's cheating on her boyfriend. Oh my...I don't know what else to think or to say, it would be better if they end things.

    • Kinkytime
      Kinkytime commented
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      VanVan01 Right. So, who is the real cheater her? I guess that the girl is now the cheater as she is having an affair with her co-worker.

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    Well, both are cheaters only that the man made it first. Now, she is dating her workmate so that makes her a cheater, too. If I were you, I would not do anything. I will let them do whatever they want to do with their lives. You should stay away from them for a moment and see what would happen next but I suggest that you take a closer look at your friend as she is flirting with someone else now.


    • BuiltToLast
      BuiltToLast commented
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      Why would she even keep an eye out on her friend? They're old enough already, so she should just do her own thing and not mind about other people's business, even if they're her best friend or whatsoever.

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    If your friend is already dating someone new then she should breakup with her current boyfriend. She likes someone new now so why does she need to stay with her current boyfriend? If she is now really interested with her workmate then they should be together. But then, I do not think that her workmate would be the right man for her.


    • Yuki23
      Yuki23 commented
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      You got it right! It is better if she stays away from her boyfriend and from the guy who she is secretly dating. Also, it would be better if she won't get into any relationship soon. Give herself some time to heal.

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    You should advise your friend to stop dating her co-worker and go back with his boyfriend. She should have a good time with him and stay loyal to her man. They would be happy in the end.


    • BiancaG
      BiancaG commented
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      Why would she go back to that cheater? I don't think that would be a good idea. It is best if she just stays with her coworker. I bet they'll have a better relationship.

    • fistingfatties
      fistingfatties commented
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      Are you sure that they'll be happy? Their relationship started as a secret, remember? If they continue their affair, a lot of changes must be made and they might not be able to cope with it.

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    Two people in a relationship and they are both cheating? What happened to the world? I don't know where cheaters get their confidence, gosh! Anyway, those two should break up as soon as possible before anyone else is caught up in the mess that they made.


    • CupcakeComments
      CupcakeComments commented
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      No, they should not. They could stay together as a couple then they could continue to cheat against each other. Their lives would be like a story which could be adapted into a movie. After all, they say that we need to make our lives colorful.

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    [QUOTE=Marphy;n26928]She's secretly dating her best friend/co-worker that's always been there for her whenever she's feeling down./QUOTE]

    Secretly dating only? I do not think that they end with a goodbye kiss after a date is over. I suspect that they do something else aside from those dating thingies. Well, there are just some flirts in this world. I could say that they should break up and find someone who would make them happy. They are just fooling each other with that they are doing.