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  • I'm not falling for it

    So there's this guy that is constantly messaging me, everything's going well until one day he says he loves me already but we haven't met in person yet. I know that some guys like these are just messing around, so I don't usually reply to his messages that frequently. I was giving him a cold shoulder lately but then again, he insists that he has true feelings for me already. He is starting to make me feel bad for him, but I don't feel any guilt at all, but instead, I grew mad at him because I know that there is nothing serious about us. I have not developed any feelings for him and I don't think that there will be a chance for me to fall for him. Does this mean that I grew tired of falling for men and their words? Does this actually mean that I'm tired of seeking serious relationships? Have you guys ever feel the same way as I do right now?

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    There are so many guys who are liars. They tell you that they love you and all even if it is not real at all. They only have one end goal and that is to for them to get you laid down. So, do not believe their sweet talks as they have already mastered all those kinds of fooling women. I am not saying that all men are like what I had described as there are some men who know and practice the word "sincerity".


    • Lilliah
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      But it is so good when you find someone who is sincere with what he has, right? I admire people who have sincerity. Rare people that we could keep.

    • merrygoround
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      Those men are just good with words but they cannot even put it into action. Sad, right? I will only believe him if only he do those things immediately without even saying it, I'd be awed.

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    If that man is telling the truth then I guess that you should give him a chance to show his real intentions. He could be telling you the truth. There is no harm in giving someone chances to prove the points that they have.


    • lovie456
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      Sometimes you cannot blame people like her for having trust issues when it comes to men and having serious relationships. Men are good with words that can make you sweep you off of your feet. Just wait until you two are in a serious relationship, then you will see how his true colors and you'll end up getting hurt.

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    Originally posted by smartass View Post
    S Does this actually mean that I'm tired of seeking serious relationships?
    No, you are not tired seeking for serious relationships. Rather, you are only in for non-committal relationship. You could try to accommodate him and be on a serious relationship with him.


    • CuddlyPac
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      I do think that she should give him a chance to prove himself. Perhaps a dinner date would be lovely, it should be planned out by him and I'm sure that she will let him court her.

    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      Lookingforlovin but what if she is not really into commitment as of the moment? She's on hiatus or could be soul searching then this man just popped out of nowhere into her life, she's just keeping her guard up just in case this guy plans to fuck her up.

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    If you do not like him then quit communicating with him. As simple as that. If you continue to have a communication then you are only giving him some false hopes. He could continue with his illusions that that two of you would be together in a serious relationship.


    • VanVan01
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      There is no way that he is getting himself in a serious relationship if he keeps pushing himself to her. She is not falling for his sweet words, it should e based on his actions if he is dedicated to having her in his life.
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    I do think that maybe he's not the right person for you. Maybe he doesn't seem interesting for you or maybe you haven't moved on yet from your past relationship.


    • BeautifulCupful
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      But we could see that the man might be serious with his intention for her. Do you think that she should give him a chance to prove it? He could provide what others call true love.

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    That's right. Don't fall for his sweet words. There's a possibility that he's just playing you and he doesn't really have feelings for you. Be cautious.


    • honesty101
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      Sometimes girls do the same things too, they'll act all sweet and innocent but will soon be leaving you for another man, it's better to be careful at least. I know some people are not genuine and just want to take advantage of what they want from you then will leave you.

    • AudreyA
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      Of course, he does not have real feelings for her. He just want to make her fall for him and to execute plans to make her a girlfriend. As his girlfriend, he could have sex with him anytime they want to have it.

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    You could fall for him and experience what true love is all about. This could be your chance to fall in love in the realest way possible.


    • sexyme1
      sexyme1 commented
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      I totally agree with this. Give you and him a chance and see if there's a spark that will last for long between you two.

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    Why do you say that there's no chance that you are falling for him? Did you at least try to get to know him. I do think that you've been hurt so much before that's why you are not falling easily for guys and that's also your way of guarding your heart. But I do think that you need to loosen up. Get to know people and let yourself fall in love again.


    • fistingfatties
      fistingfatties commented
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      Maybe she doesn't want to risk being hurt again. If I were her, I would not haste into getting into a relationship especially if I was really hurt during my past relationship. I couldn't let myself go through that kind of pain again.

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    Do not fall for it. It is a nice trap for you to get laid down and then he would leave you after that one. There are men who are naturally sweet talkers and most women would fall for those types of men.


    • lover404
      lover404 commented
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      You seem to know a lot. Are you basing it from your own experiences? So, how many times have you been a victim of those sweet talking men?

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    Could you possibly love a person whom you had never met yet? Is that how mysterious and powerful love is? Oh, wait, I had forgotten that men would say anything to fool women.


    • CupcakeComments
      CupcakeComments commented
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      Absolutely. Men can say things even if they don't mean any of them. They will do anything to get into women's pants.

    • badbadboys
      badbadboys commented
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      Aww, that's sad you guys are so unfortunate to have met so many unfaithful men in your lives. How about us guys? We're the last of our kind, the genuine ones and we get none! So sad that we don't get the chance to prove ourselves to women we like.

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    As a guy, all I can say is it's possible that the guy falls first rather than the woman. That is possible especially if the feelings of the guy are genuine. And what I can suggest to you is that give that dude a chance. Maybe if you get to know him more, there's a chance that you'll fall for him too.


    • virgingirl
      virgingirl commented
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      But could you someone whom you had never met before? You only saw the person using her photos on her social media accounts.

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    Don't close your doors that fast. I think that you have been through a lot before that's why you are not swayed easily. But I honestly believe that getting to know him more won't hurt. Open yourself to possibilities, will you?


    • BearMsAlive
      BearMsAlive commented
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      I agree with you PussySlay but she should be careful too, at least, I'd understand if she doesn't want to be that open too. It really is hard to open up to someone since you've been hurt way too many times before.

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    I have felt the same way. There is this guy who constantly asks me out for lunch and I can see that he cares for me. It is also possible that he has feelings for me already but here's the problem. I don't see myself being in a relationship with him because I don't think that he's the right one for me.


    • newromance
      newromance commented
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      It's okay for you to be friends with him just tell him that he shouldn't be expecting more from you because you don't see yourself being in a relationship with him. Just be honest with him and I'm sure he will understand but then again he will just have a friendly lunch with you.

    • Airbind
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      BabeLady I know that you're just being honest about how you truly feel towards him and that's okay. Maybe you should go out with him and see if there could be another chance that you'll catch feelings towards him. He must have good and honest intentions towards you.

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    I think you are just afraid to let yourself fall in love with someone. Maybe you think that it is not yet the right time that's why you are saying that you don't have feelings for him. But if you try to open yourself up and lower down your guard, you can realize that he is worth trying to have a relationship with.