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  • Stuck

    My friend is still stuck with her ex. She still can't accept the fact that they are already over. She said that she's trying to move on but I can see that she needs to try harder. It is becoming alarming already because she cries everyday. I want to help her but I do not know how. So what do you suggest to do in order for her to move on faster?

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    She needs to cut all of her connections with the guy. In that way, she won't be tempted to communicate with him again and soon, she'll be able to forget about him.


    • LoveShove
      LoveShove commented
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      There should be zero communication with her ex and should start using dating apps and start communicating with different hot guys in there.

    • inertia
      inertia commented
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      Well, this could be done. Cut off the communication with the guy. Or why cut if off when you could still be good friends?

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    She can move on faster if she will be as far away as possible from the guy. He needs to be out of her sight so that she won't be longing for him from time to time.


    • ManlyBeardMan
      ManlyBeardMan commented
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      She should help herself move on, she should think that there's plenty of guys out there and not just him, lol!

    • HoneyHoney72
      HoneyHoney72 commented
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      That's good, the recovery will be as fast as a blink of an eye. Not seeing him would help her forget about him completely.

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    She needs to go far away and start all over. At some point in my life, I tried running away from my problems then soon after, it didn't bother me at all in the end.


    • hardandrough
      hardandrough commented
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      If that would be easy and if she has other plans that could go along with it then she's good to go. I think running away and starting over would be a great idea but how?

    • Carlosa34
      Carlosa34 commented
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      Do not run away from those problems, you somehow need to face them and you have no choice but to conquer it. Defeat or not at least you've faced your problems and now, you know how to handle them next time.

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    Slap her real hard in order for her to get on her senses. The man is gone and would never come back to her. That is the fucking fact that she must accept.


    • SmileDemiSmile
      SmileDemiSmile commented
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      Why does she even need to cry? I do not think that the man passed away or something like that. Wow, just for a man, she could go crazy and that's not normal already.

    • Yummykorn
      Yummykorn commented
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      Lol, I agree that she must slap her really hard. She'll get angry but then she will realize that she's acting all stupid for just one guy when she can have other guys out there.

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    Ask her to have one last cry over the guy and that's it. While we like to have the man stay beside us, it would already be impossible. That is the thing that she must bear on her mind - she was already dumped. There is nothing that you could do anymore.


    • BigDaddy69
      BigDaddy69 commented
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      In fact, he's already with someone and she's just wasting her time thinking, crying, and worrying about him but he does not feel the exact same way as she does.

    • hitthesack
      hitthesack commented
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      Also, how can she be so stuck with that guy? I'd throw a punch on his face for putting her into this bad situation that she's in. Well, breakups are shit and we must deal with it anyway we can.

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    How long has she been stuck on her ex-boyfriend? If that has been years, like 10 years, then she should better stop. The man might have forgotten her already. She should move on already. There are lots of men out there.


    • BuiltToLast
      BuiltToLast commented
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      10 years is a bit too much, don't you think? I think that she should try dating apps and see if she'll be able to find other men that she can give all her attention to.

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    Crying every day? Wait for those tears to dry up. Yes, one day, there would be no tears anymore. And, by that time, she had already moved on as time heals all wounds.


    • Janbaby
      Janbaby commented
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      Yes. Crying would soon stop. It could not be that we cry indefinitely. One day, there would be no pain anymore.

    • VanVan01
      VanVan01 commented
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      She must be so emotional, which is why I'd understand if she can cry a river for almost like every day trying to move on from that idiot who broke her heart.

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    Acceptance is the first thing that is needed in order to move on. How could you move on when the basic thing that must be present has not been fulfilled yet?


    • fucklove
      fucklove commented
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      Acceptance is hard for some people so let's just understand that she truly cares for him. We do not know the whole story behind them but I hope someday that she will finally accept everything all at once or just baby steps to progress, moving on will be much easier for her.

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    She should find someone new already. That is the fastest way to move on from being stuck on a past relationship. When you have a new one, your attention would be focused on that person and the previous one would be left behind already.


    • TeaBroadway
      TeaBroadway commented
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      You're right but that would be easy for her if she does it correctly. Convince her that the past would be put in the past and it is time for her to meet new other people that will surely make her feel happy.

    • rockmybedpls
      rockmybedpls commented
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      We should convince her to download all those dating apps or she should call her friends out and she should party all night and start mingling with different people.

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    Maybe it's her way of letting out all the stress that she's been dealing with too. Let her have a good long cry till she runs out of tears and she will finally get better.


    • youngsterme
      youngsterme commented
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      Oh, I've been there too. I cried for days just for a guy that does not love me back but surprise, here I am now breaking boy's hearts for revenge lol!