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Please pop my cherry!!

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  • Please pop my cherry!!

    Looking for someone to pop my cherry! No strings attached! Just someone to plow my arse!!! Uk in Norfolk.. the sooner the better!! I'm horny and ready.

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    Someone to plow your arse? You want someone to fuck you in the ass? I don't get it.


    • uninvoked
      uninvoked commented
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      He's gay and a bottom. That is why he mentioned that he wants his arse to get plowed

    • 1xz9
      1xz9 commented
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      uninvoked or he might swing both ways and is a bottom

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    So you want a dick inside your ass? Aren't the girls here appealing for you?


    • CupcakeTea
      CupcakeTea commented
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      maybe he's only into boys

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    I was expecting that you would be looking for a girl who would pop your cherry


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    Would you be interested to get pegged by one of the ladies here if there's no guy who's willing to plow your arse?


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      It looks like you ladies are just talking to yourselves here lol


      • merrygoround
        merrygoround commented
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        Are you thinking that he won't be coming back to this forum anymore?

      • Tastyblic
        Tastyblic commented
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        I know right, where are the guys? lol

      • Lookingforlovin
        Lookingforlovin commented
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        Tastyblic it would be a miracle if one of the guys that are usually here said yes to his offer

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      So have you found one? @Popmycherry0609