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Please pop my cherry!!

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  • Please pop my cherry!!

    Looking for someone to pop my cherry!! Not wanting a relationship! Just NSA fun. UK Norfolk only. Come on boys!! Be my first!!

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    You really think it's cool to give your cherry to someone you just met? By the way, girls here would love to pop that cherry.


    • BearMsAlive
      BearMsAlive commented
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      Guess that you didn't noticed that he mentioned guys and not girls

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    This is actually much better than your other post. Drop me a message and maybe we can have fun!


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      I wonder where the guys are?


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      Have you found someone to pop those cherries?


      • Yummykorn
        Yummykorn commented
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        It looks like nobody is willing to do the honor of popping his cherry

      • ablasta
        ablasta commented
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        Yummykorn why not?

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      I'm interested!!!! 100%


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        How old are you how did that happen or didn't happen i should say


        • fistingfatties
          fistingfatties commented
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          He might always been awkward when it comes to talking to the ladies that's why his cherry still hasn't been popped

        • leonbronsomGM
          leonbronsomGM commented
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          I thought it was a chick my bad yeah bro hold on that cherry as long as you can fight for that cherry

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        Were you able to find a woman who's willing to pop your cherry?


        • TeaBroadway
          TeaBroadway commented
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          Well, we can only assume that he did find someone already.