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Looking to hook up in Winder, GA

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  • Looking to hook up in Winder, GA

    35 year old male looking for another guy to satisfy some urges. If you're interested just message me if respond here and we'll talk details. No strings, no drama, no long term commitment.

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    Are you looking for a particular type of guy? Or as long as he has a dick, then it is all good for you?


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      At the moment I just want a dick


      • XperiencedVirgin
        XperiencedVirgin commented
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        When was the last time you've tasted one?

      • PussySlay
        PussySlay commented
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        XperiencedVirgin are you going to help him with his quest for that dick?

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      I would wish you luck with your search for that dick


      • CupcakeTea
        CupcakeTea commented
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        Was expecting that you would let your dick get sucked by him

      • holleroutyo
        holleroutyo commented
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        Do you wish it's your dick that he wants? Lol! Just kidding.

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      I think that there are some gay men here as well. Why not try and send them a message


      • halfSlut23
        halfSlut23 commented
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        You don't have any plans of trying to do it with a guy?

      • BigDaddy69
        BigDaddy69 commented
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        No plans of ever trying it

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      What about telling us something about yourself, or much easier sharing a profile pic of yours.


      • sexyme1
        sexyme1 commented
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        I think that he prefers that it would be discreet that is why he hasn't posted a pic yet