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  • San Diego

    I am visiting San Diego for a couple of months
    Looking for a hookup with a girl
    Looking to watch a straight or a lesbian couple

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    Why are you going to be holed up in San Diego for a couple of months?


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      Are you sure that you're just going to watch if there's a lesbian couple doing it right in front of you?


      • Kinkytime
        Kinkytime commented
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        He just might end up joining them while they're in the middle of it

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      Are you going to join them for a threesome?


      • inertia
        inertia commented
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        That's a possibility already, I think

      • Janbaby
        Janbaby commented
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        Have you already tried threesome?

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      What kind of girl are you after when it comes to the one you want to hook up with?


      • PussySlay
        PussySlay commented
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        I bet that he would be into at least one of us here

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      How far are you willing to travel if you would be in San Diego for a few months?


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        A photo would be nice,


        • holleroutyo
          holleroutyo commented
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          Amazeac why not but I have to know him for several months first through chat.

        • holleroutyo
          holleroutyo commented
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          halfSlut23 If the guy is willing who am I to stop him.

        • halfSlut23
          halfSlut23 commented
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          holleroutyo you got a point there.

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        Might be hitting up that area a couple of weeks from now. Would love to get to know more about you


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        Gosh your place is miles away from my area.


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        HI All,

        Thank you for all of your responses
        I will not penetrate if that is what you are asking
        I am happy watching, touching is a plus
        I am more than happy to make the other female(s) happy using my other parts


        • BeautifulCupful
          BeautifulCupful commented
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          Tell me what other parts are you going to use to pleasure your woman?

        • BuiltToLast
          BuiltToLast commented
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          BeautifulCupful I think you already know what he is talking about

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        Hi all and thank you for your responses
        I am visiting San Diego for tourism and I am visiting relatives
        I don't have experience so I would go for any kind of girl
        I am ok with just watching, touching would be extra, oral would be wow, but no penetration at anytime
        I hope I answered everyone


        • ManlyBeardMan
          ManlyBeardMan commented
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          You made sure that everything is clear with the ladies

        • imhornyimhorny
          imhornyimhorny commented
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          I guess this is very clear now.

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        just wanted to let you know that I am still here