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Women in or near Binghamton ny

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  • Women in or near Binghamton ny

    Looking for a women to have some hot fun with. Im very open minded. I love going down on a women. My tongue is magical. Get a hold of me and we could have alot of fun and see where it goes.

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    Why not chat here first?


    • HoneyConey
      HoneyConey commented
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      You can drop him a message if you are interested.

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    How about someone far from you here?


    • PussySlay
      PussySlay commented
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      Well, the title says it all, he is looking for someone near Binghamton.

    • PieFlavor
      PieFlavor commented
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      I would suggest to go over there if you're really interested with him hardandrough

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    What other things do you want to do with your woman aside from giving her a tongue?


    • fistingfatties
      fistingfatties commented
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      The answer is obvious, he will give her his dick. lol

    • CuddlyPac
      CuddlyPac commented
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      We can never be sure unless he tells us what he'll give, right?

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    I wonder how magical your tongue can be. I'm really curious about it.


    • J3nnyTalia
      J3nnyTalia commented
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      If you are that curious and interested, why not message him already? He might be waiting for you.

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    Do you know how to do tongue massage? I love tongue massage.


    • uninvoked
      uninvoked commented
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      I bet he knows how, he just said that his tongue is magical.

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    Is your tongue still available? Would love to find out how good your tongue is


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    How long does it take before a girl orgasms while you're eating her?


    • HoneyHoney72
      HoneyHoney72 commented
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      Are thinking of going to visit him and try and experience it yourself?

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    I am wondering if that tongue can make my pussy squirt.


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      yumyum id have you squirting, toes curled, back arched, and screaming all at the sametime


      • yumyum
        yumyum commented
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        Oh! That's what I like.

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      LUKE READ !!!!!

      this is a little bit weird I do not want your tongue that's first do not want but your name is Luke and you are from Binghamton I wonder how many lukes are in Binghamton?? If there's only one and thats you lol wow i told you this is gonna get weird i.know your dad matt he almost bought me a ticket to come up there not to visit with anybody but to beat your sister's boyfriend up cuz nobody would know me and just leave come back to Florida seriously we actually talked about that we talk a lot actually your dad and I he's into Harleys big time me im building we talk a lot about that your mom I've met her to can't remember her name thing I can go on my Facebook and look her and I are friends I'll never forget your sister Jessie yeah she's she holds a special place in my heart that was just talking to her an hour ago when she moved to Florida she was actually staying at my mom's house i seen on facebook you were there sarasaota you were there not to long ago I know your grandfather Jim tough dude right there tough as Nails I'm sure you know that I'm not going to say I know your whole family but I know what shitload of them your grandfather Jim is brother to my grandma birdie yeah we're like second cousins if your the right luke who is from Binghamton if not I wasted all this time writing this for nothing


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        Retired Army here looking for ladies in PA to talk to and hopefully meet up. I don't know how to chat on the website. Can anyone help me out?