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Wanted: A man.

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  • Wanted: A man.

    This gorgeous lady is looking for a handsome man from Whanganui, New Zealand to help me discover my hidden desires.

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    Can you tell us what are some of those hidden desires that you're talking about? And include the qualities that you're looking in a guy


    • halfSlut23
      halfSlut23 commented
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      It sounds like she's looking for somebody who's going to expand what she knows when it comes to sex

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    I bet that you can get any of the men here


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      Where are the handsome guys here?


      • StrongAsZeus
        StrongAsZeus commented
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        Do you think that I can count as one of those handsome guys that you're looking for?

      • bemine
        bemine commented
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        StrongAsZeus In my eyes, you are definitely handsome.

      • Vichie
        Vichie commented
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        StrongAsZeus Yes! definitely.

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      Originally posted by smoker View Post
      discover my hidden desires.
      Are you talking about your kinks?


      • MoiraMcTagarrt
        MoiraMcTagarrt commented
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        I guess that's not what she was talking about.

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      You are indeed gorgeous, so how was it? Anyone message you yet?


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        Hello, pretty! I'm not that handsome but I'm good in bed.


        • KellyEM
          KellyEM commented
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          smoker How about this guy?

        • Cupcakesi
          Cupcakesi commented
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          And how good you are from out of ten?

        • uninvoked
          uninvoked commented
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          Performance is the key, goodluck hooking up with her.

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        Anyone from Louisville
        Looking for a good time:)


        • yumyum
          yumyum commented
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          What kind of good time are we talking about here?

        • Janbaby
          Janbaby commented
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          I am a mature woman but I can definitely give you the fun that you are looking for.

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        Definitely would love to hook up with a hot girl like you.


        • MasQue
          MasQue commented
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          What are you waiting for? Message her right away.

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        What are the qualities of a man you are looking for?


        • PieFlavor
          PieFlavor commented
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          Maybe someone like you, why not talk to here to see how you can help her discover her hidden desires.
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        • ManlyBeardMan
          ManlyBeardMan commented
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          PieFlavor Tried chatting up with her but she hasn't responded yet.