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  • Women Into Cuckolding

    I was wondering if the any of the ladies here are into cuckolding. As for the guys, have you been with women into cuckolding?

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    I have no plans of ever trying it and I might end up breaking up with my guy if he ever suggests that we try it


    • BeautifulCupful
      BeautifulCupful commented
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      Are you sure that's the only reason why you're going to breakup with him?

    • KellyEM
      KellyEM commented
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      Same with me, this very disrespectful for me and inappropriate.

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    I haven't met a person who has tried it before. I think there was someone who's into that sort of thing before


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      If the girl is really hot, sure I wouldn't mind doing it with her while her husband or boyfriend is watching


      • AnneCubix
        AnneCubix commented
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        Are you sure that you wouldn't have any performance anxiety while you're fucking his wife?

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      Haven't tried that yet but I am planning to do it in the near future.


      • hardandrough
        hardandrough commented
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        Are you looking for a couple who's willing to do it?

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      No, I admit that I am an adventurous woman but that is too much for me.


      • MasQue
        MasQue commented
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        Same goes for me.

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      No plans of ever trying it. Feels like I'm just being passed around by my partner


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        I would prefer that it would be a threesome rather than that. At least my guy can have some fun with me also while the other one is fucking me


        • Lingtote
          Lingtote commented
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          Yeah, a threesome is much more exciting than cuckolding.

        • honesty101
          honesty101 commented
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          There is a chance that he would jacking off while watching you getting fucked by the other guy.

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        I would not say that I am into it since I never tried this before but I can't help but be curious about it.


        • XtineA
          XtineA commented
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          Annalyn 1xz9 I will think about it.

        • TeaBroadway
          TeaBroadway commented
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          Annalyn Maybe in the future, I will try this if my partner agrees to it.

        • Annalyn
          Annalyn commented
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          TeaBroadway That's great to know.