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Sex On Wheels Or Wings

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  • Sex On Wheels Or Wings

    I was wondering if any of you guys have done it in a vehicle? It can be a car, bus, ship, plane, train, etc...

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    Actually done it in a car and pick up a few times. Would love to join the mile high club if given a chance


    • AirFeline
      AirFeline commented
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      Doing it in a car has always been a given already

    • Informerem
      Informerem commented
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      But being picked up AND end up doing it is a little different.

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    I've done it on a train once. The one I want to try is doing it on a Tesla while it's on automatic drive mode


    • Cupcakesi
      Cupcakesi commented
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      I'm guessing that you've seen the pornhub clip were a couple was doing it inside a Tesla?

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    Been fingered in a public bus once.


    • Yummykorn
      Yummykorn commented
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      Was it during the day or at night while everyone was asleep?

    • TeaHoney
      TeaHoney commented
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      I'm guessing that you tried your best to keep quiet while he was fingering you

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    Done it a couple of times in a car before. Would really want to try it on a flatbed truck


    • BabeLady
      BabeLady commented
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      Maybe it should be an orgy if you're going to do it on a flatbed truck lol

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    Definitely want to try it on an airplane or helicopter


    • morelove
      morelove commented
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      I think doing it on a helicopter is more fun

    • Live2Hunt
      Live2Hunt commented
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      It's gonna be REALLY loud. Is that okay?

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    Hmmm... Fun times!


    • AglowBeautiful
      AglowBeautiful commented
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      So where have you done it before?

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    I feel that doing it on a rocket ship can be interesting so that's something that I would want to try


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      Would definitely want to do it while riding the Hello Kitty bullet train in Japan


      • TeaBroadway
        TeaBroadway commented
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        Why do you want to ride that specific train? Are you planning to ruin the train ride for the kids? lol

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      I've recently saw that porn scene inside a Tesla that's in auto-drive mode and that's something I would love to try


      • 1xz9
        1xz9 commented
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        So you're looking for guys who have a Tesla? lol

      • imhornyimhorny
        imhornyimhorny commented
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        1xz9 Yeah, I wish I can find someone who has a Tesla.

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      I knew someone who sucked the dick of his boyfriend during a bus ride. It was a 2 hour morning bus ride when she did it


      • inertia
        inertia commented
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        How did they manage to not get caught?

      • Janbaby
        Janbaby commented
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        inertia I guess they're just good in hiding their act.

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      We did it on a bus, I gave him a blow job and it was definitely fun.


      • MoiraMcTagarrt
        MoiraMcTagarrt commented
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        Did he give you cunnilingus after that?

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      Yeah, many times on the backseat of his car.


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        I masturbated in a public bus once, I never finished but hey, I tried. XD


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          That is one of my fantasy actually, to do it in a moving vehicle.