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  • A hot Texan

    Well, you got it right. A hot Texan here. If you want some hot hookups then you are at the right place. I am in the heart of Lubbock so if you happen to be near this location then feel free to hit me up. Any men from young to old. Yup, you read that right. Everyone is welcome.

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    Whoa! Are you sure that there is no age limit on this one? Be careful on what you wish for. Some undesirable men would gonna send you creepy messages. I had experienced that one before. lol.


    • virgingirl
      virgingirl commented
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      So what did you do with those creepy men? Did you just ignore them or did you reply the messages of some of them?

    • BuiltToLast
      BuiltToLast commented
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      True that TeaHoney, you might be luring creepy men to start getting into your pants there Lucricia17. Just be careful!

    • Kristen23
      Kristen23 commented
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      It hasn't crossed your mind that she can easily just ignore the messages from men who are too creepy

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    Then I could fit in what you are looking for. The only problem is, I am not in Lubbock. I am far away from you but if you want to have some online fun then I am just here.


    • SimplyAlisha
      SimplyAlisha commented
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      Have you tried to message her already? If yes, did have you received any replies from her?

    • Marphy
      Marphy commented
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      What makes you think that you're a good match for her?

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    Howdy there, Lucricia17! You're at the right place, call me Zeus, or daddy whatever you like. Feel free to chat us here, we don't bite


    • pleaserloser
      pleaserloser commented
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      Are you thinking of being a sugar daddy anytime soon that's why you're willing to be called daddy?

    • truelove
      truelove commented
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      Since you want to be called as Zeus, does it mean you have plans of impregnating random women here? lol

    • squirrellove
      squirrellove commented
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      truelove it's possible that he has actually done those things lmao