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  • getting rid of a DICK

    How do you get rid of someone you had a one night stand with but wants something serious?
    cause one time I hooked up with this dude and he just won't stop texting me
    saying he wants something real

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    well my suggestion is that he will get tired of you sooner or later I mean
    the only rejection he needs is from himself he needs to know for himself
    that there is no way in hell that you will like him just be patient I had a similar
    encounter and it worked for me


    • Annalyn
      Annalyn commented
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      I'm with you on this one, men are sexual predators if a girl is too hard to get
      they'll get tired of you eventually that's why I believe men with genuine chivalry
      are rare these days only a few remain in this world

    • bemine
      bemine commented
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      So, how long would this man would finally stop bothering me? He sure is dedicated to doing all this just to make me give in, well, the hell I won't.

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    If the two of you did it over at your place, maybe try and file a restraining order against him if he wait for you outside your place. But if he just sending you messages or voicemails, just get a new number and block him on your social media accounts


    • BabeLady
      BabeLady commented
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      yeah, she is right just try to minimize the situation first if the cops can be
      crossed out of the situation that would be better but if the situation arises that
      you'd need their assistance go ahead and give them a call, safety is always a

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    Why not try and show him a positive pregnancy kit or tell him that he needs to be tested because you have HPV or some other sexually transmitted infection. I bet he would stay away from you immediately because of that lol


    • halfSlut23
      halfSlut23 commented
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      The hpv thing that you've mentioned would definitely work but the pretending to be pregnant might backfire. There's a chance that he would be willing to be the baby daddy of that "child" that you're carrying lol

    • Lilliah
      Lilliah commented
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      I was also going to suggest that "he needs to be tested" move on him. Faking a pregnancy is a risky move to pull him especially if he remembers that he was wearing a condom during that one night stand.

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    I'm guessing that you've already told him that it was just a one night thing and nothing else. If that's the case maybe you can try what HoneyHoney72 suggested or ghost him completely


    • jennica12
      jennica12 commented
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      Is it that hard for him to comprehend that a one night stand is nothing to be taken seriously right after? That's weird for him to suddenly become head over heels towards her if that's the case.

    • longneck
      longneck commented
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      I think now's the time that it would be acceptable to do ghosting for this kind of situation, huh? LOL! He should know that hookups are hookups, nothing serious comes after that, it rarely happens but for him it is never going to happen. He should think about it.

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    You could block him. Block his number and block his social media accounts. In that way, he would not be able to contact you anymore. Since he would not receive any replies from you anymore, then a time would come that he would already stop bothering you. Sometimes, ignoring a person is one of the best solutions to have.


    • BabyUni
      BabyUni commented
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      Exactly, the more you avoid them I think they would stop there because they would be so ashamed bothering you over and over. It will come to their senses that they're the only one chasing after you. Whenever there's a chase it will eventually stop too.

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    Why don't you give him a chance to be serious with you? Is it because he was not that handsome? Is it because he was not that good in bed? Is it because he was not well-endowed? That are the reasons, exactly?


    • morelove
      morelove commented
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      Of course, there are reasons to be considered here but we're still unaware of what it really is. This man has it all planned out though, if that were me, I would be surprised too and might violently react to it.

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    And you are calling a man simply as a "dick"? What would you feel if someone would refer to you as a "pussy"? Anyway, you could give that dick a chance to show if he is worthy for you. Otherwise, just dump that dick of yours. Lol.


    • KellyEM
      KellyEM commented
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      What's wrong about it? Maybe he's an absolute dick and does not deserve being taken seriously. That is why he is just someone else's toy and he should know that.

    • badbadboys
      badbadboys commented
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      Maybe the guy is already starting to act like a total "dick" that's why she's calling him that

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    It was called a one-night stand simply because it was meant to be just a one-time affair. There is no assurance that it would be leveled up and become a serious relationship. Could it be that you were so good in bed that he wanted you to stay with him for a long time? Why not level it up to become just friends with benefits?


    • #10
      Ah, this reminds of someone I hooked up with, well, it started out as a date. So, we met up at a coffee shop then spent the rest of the evening drinking at the bar then I told him to come with me. He was unsure at first but yes, we ended up at a motel and I was riding on top of him. I can still remember how huge his dick is and I was riding it like crazy since I'm quite tipsy (but he's not). After that, we snoozed for a while and told him that I should go. Days later, he won't stop chatting me up and wants to make me his girlfriend. He wants something serious when I explained him countless of times that I used him that night but I just blockedhim 'coz he's being annoying, he doesnot seem to get what hookups are for.


      • Vichie
        Vichie commented
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        Maybe the reason why he wanted to make things official between the two of you is because he knew that you enjoyed his dick and he felt that is enough basis to start a relationship

    • #11
      Just ignore his messages or calls because if you answer them it is only giving him hope that it is possible that it can turn up into something serious


      • #12
        Why not go and hookup with him again and make sure that the sex was bad and make him feel that you're the type who's extra needy. I bet he would ghost you immediately if you act that way towards him


        • AnnieP
          AnnieP commented
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          So what advice are you going to tell her if your suggestion back fires?

      • #13
        Are you sure that you were just horny that evening and nothing else? Because he might have felt that there's something more between the two that's why he wants to make things official with you


        • #14
          Is the guy is still bothering you? Why not go ask a male friend to pretend as your boyfriend and make sure that you cross paths with that one night stand guy. I bet he would back off if he sees you with him