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  • The Flash

    Has any of you actually flashed somebody before? I've done it a couple of times during spring break just like most drunk ladies do

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    Never flashed before, but I've been flashed by drunk bums countless of times


    • smartass
      smartass commented
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      What's your usually reaction if the bum does that to you?

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    Yes, when I was still in that crazy drunk girl stage of my life


    • rockmybedpls
      rockmybedpls commented
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      So how was your experience being a crazy drunk girl?

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    According to some pictures that was shown to me by a couple of friends, I've done quite often whenever you go on vacations


    • Kinkytime
      Kinkytime commented
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      Well, you should stop drinking if that is the case.

    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      Were you high or drunk when they took those pictures?

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    Never experienced, even if I am drunk, I always make sure that I am aware of what I am doing.


    • badbadboys
      badbadboys commented
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      But do you want to experience it someday?

    • Yummykorn
      Yummykorn commented
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      Same goes with me, I do not want to put myself in a situation that I will regret later that is why I am always aware and conscious when it comes to drinking.

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    Nope, I never let myself get so drunk and for me, moderation is important.


    • Tastyblic
      Tastyblic commented
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      But has somebody flashed you before?

    • inertia
      inertia commented
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      No one and I will never let that happen.

    • ManlyBeardMan
      ManlyBeardMan commented
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      inertia what would it take me for you to flash me? You're just absolutely stunning!

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    What kind of flashing are we talking about here? Is it the trench coat style or just the raise the shirt to show that you're not wearing a bra


    • Carlosa34
      Carlosa34 commented
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      It actually might be both of them

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    Haven't been flashed, but I always end up getting dick pics from random guys which I think is the modern equivalent of being flashed


    • Vichie
      Vichie commented
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      How often do you get them? Is it on a daily basis?

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    I was flashed by a couple of ladies before during my tomboy phase


    • AnneCubix
      AnneCubix commented
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      Did you at least try to motorboat one of them?

  • #10
    I did. It was fun for both of us.


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      Hey baby, why don't you flash for me. I might flash something for too.