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  • Took One For The Team

    Has any of you been forced to take one for the team during a group date?

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    Yes, there are a few times that I actually done that for my friends


    • VickyMae55
      VickyMae55 commented
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      Do you feel happy doing that?

    • ManlyBeardMan
      ManlyBeardMan commented
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      I would lie if I say no. I enjoy the company of a stranger.

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    Yes, there have been times that I've done it. And there were a few who turned out to be really great guys and good lovers


    • LoveShove
      LoveShove commented
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      Guess that your friend was the one who took one for team when that happened?

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    Never been in that situation before because if that happens, I just ignore the guy completely


    • CuddlyPac
      CuddlyPac commented
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      I will also do the same.

    • BuiltToLast
      BuiltToLast commented
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      Why are you guys going to ignore him? Are you the both of you thinking that he would try and sleep with you?

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    I did it once, but I immediately told the guy that don't expect anything from me


    • Live2Hunt
      Live2Hunt commented
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      What did the guy tell you afterwards?

    • CupcakeComments
      CupcakeComments commented
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      He said, same her but after the date, he totally regret what he said. Lol

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    No, I never took one for the team on a group date.


    • newromance
      newromance commented
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      And may I ask the reason why did not?

    • Janbaby
      Janbaby commented
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      I think because she also has a date. lol

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    If they suddenly approached us in a bar or club, then I'm willing to do small talk with him


    • bubblebutt6969
      bubblebutt6969 commented
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      So if it is a planned date, it would be a no?

    • 1xz9
      1xz9 commented
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      I don't think anyone would like to think it was planned that if you will take one for the team.

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    I've done it once or twice and hooked up with both of them


    • Cupcakeri
      Cupcakeri commented
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      So who do you think was the one who got lucky? You or them?

    • sexyme1
      sexyme1 commented
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      I guess that you consider yourself as a good friend because of it

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    I've done it with a few friends who were a bit younger than me


    • Carlosa34
      Carlosa34 commented
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      Did you forced them or were you the one that were forced?

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    Nah, people are always intimidated by me so no one ever dared force me to do anything.


    • holleroutyo
      holleroutyo commented
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      You are a scary woman then. lol

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    Fortunately no, I am glad that no one ever tried to force to do something I don't wanna do.


    • BeautifulCupful
      BeautifulCupful commented
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      What if your best friend asked you to do it for him or her? Are you willing to do it or not?

    • Yummykorn
      Yummykorn commented
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      Why do you think that your friend would be forcing you to do it? What if they're just asking you a favor

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    Have actually done that for a few friends before. And I was lucky enough that some of them have returned the favor so to speak


    • HugKenji
      HugKenji commented
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      Nice to know that you're the type of friend who's willing to do such a thing

    • Informerem
      Informerem commented
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      HugKenji Of course since I'm what you call a supportive friend.

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    I wasn't forced actually, I did volunteer to take one.


    • Lovehunter
      Lovehunter commented
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      Ok let do it togather ❤🌹

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    Some of my friends did this actually to me but I didn't let them.


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      Yes, but I refuse because I have an LDR boyfriend at that time.