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  • How Much Will It Take?

    Are you willing to do a porn scene if you would be given 10 million dollars?

  • #2
    Not that desperate (yet) lol

    But if I ever going to do it, they need to double the amount


    • Mor2thisIknoe
      Mor2thisIknoe commented
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      I don't think any porn company will accept your demand, that's too much.

  • #3
    Will just tell them to put that money up their asses since I have no plans of ever doing that sort of thing


    • AglowBeautiful
      AglowBeautiful commented
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      Lol, you are really serious about that?

    • PieFlavor
      PieFlavor commented
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      You will really reject that money?

  • #4
    If it ever reaches that point of desperation, then it needs to be more than that amount


    • uninvoked
      uninvoked commented
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      So what is your rate when you enter porn?

    • MoiraMcTagarrt
      MoiraMcTagarrt commented
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      But do you think that you're going to reach that point? BabyUni

  • #5
    Yes, why not if it's only one scene. With that amount, you can live luxuriously with your whole life.


    • hitthesack
      hitthesack commented
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      So, 10M is the price of your dignity. lol

    • BugAlive
      BugAlive commented
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      hitthesack She is just being practical, so you don't have to judge her.

  • #6
    I will never say no to 10 million dollars not say I will definitely enjoy doing it.


    • sexyme1
      sexyme1 commented
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      Are you sure that you're not going to enjoy shooting a porn scene?

  • #7
    I like that I will definitely enjoy them both (10M and porn scene). lol


    • Janbaby
      Janbaby commented
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      What if the porn scene would be with another guy. Are still going to do it or not?

  • #8
    If it's one scene I will definitely do it for 10M.


    • HoneyConey
      HoneyConey commented
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      Even if the scene would be a gang bang scene?

    • 1xz9
      1xz9 commented
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      10M is not enough to do a gangbang. lol

  • #9
    Of course, only if my face is covered in that scene.


    • Tastyblic
      Tastyblic commented
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      So how much do they have to pay you in order to see your face?

    • Danica505
      Danica505 commented
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      Are you ashamed of it that is why you want your face covered?

  • #10
    Yes, a body like this should be displayed with the right amount of money.


    • inertia
      inertia commented
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      So you're already fine with the amount that was given?

  • #11
    No plans of ever doing with no matter high the offer is


    • Kinkytime
      Kinkytime commented
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      Can I know why?

  • #12
    Yeah, if it's only a scene and not scenes. That 10 million dollars will be a big help to me.


    • #13
      If it reaches the point that I really need the money, I would definitely do it


      • TastyLove
        TastyLove commented
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        It sounds like you're the type who wouldn't have any financial problems

    • #14
      I will not let that opportunity pass, I will gladly accept the offer and go with the scene already so that I can get the money sooner.


      • yumyum
        yumyum commented
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        I'll do the same, imagine having 10 million dollars in your account and spending it to whatever you like, that would be awesome.

    • #15
      Sure, I will go for it if me scene partner is hot.


      • bubblebutt6969
        bubblebutt6969 commented
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        So it all depends on the guy that you're going to have sex with? Any particular guy that you would love to hookup with?

      • bemine
        bemine commented
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        bubblebutt6969 If it would be Erik Everhard then I have no right to say no.