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    What was the craziest thing that you've done while you're blacked out drunk? Mine was jumping from the roof into the pool naked

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    Slept on the couch of a bar, I woke up with no people and was locked inside.


    • PussySlay
      PussySlay commented
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      Are you sure that you're the only person at the bar? I don't think that they wouldn't leave anyone at their own bar

    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      PussySlay I don't remember but I think the bartender was there or not.

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    Mine was dancing wildly with any men I can get my hand off.


    • Live2Hunt
      Live2Hunt commented
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      Are you sure that you just danced with them and nothing else happened?

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    The craziest thing that I can remember doing when I was drunk was that I made out with a woman.


    • sexyme1
      sexyme1 commented
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      Did you like it though?

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    Let's just say that I've been in an orgy once. That's what my friends told me the morning after


    • HoneyHoney72
      HoneyHoney72 commented
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      How many people were in the orgy?

    • 1xz9
      1xz9 commented
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      You did not remember that at all?

    • uninvoked
      uninvoked commented
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      I pity you if you did not remember that. lol

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    Waking up at some fastfood joint since me and my friends passed out after finishing the food that we ordered
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    • J3nnyTalia
      J3nnyTalia commented
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      How many hours were you asleep when you and your friend passed out?

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    Strip off naked then run at the middle of the road.


    • Mor2thisIknoe
      Mor2thisIknoe commented
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      Lucky for you that you did not get hit by a car.

    • BigDaddy69
      BigDaddy69 commented
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      Were you caught by the cops or your friends able to get you in time?

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    Spent all my money on my ATM and change and forgot the password when I was drunk.


    • SimplyAlisha
      SimplyAlisha commented
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      Well, at least it was empty when you forgot your password.

    • Janbaby
      Janbaby commented
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      Yes, guess that is one of the perks.

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    Woke up beside the toilet since I got so drunk that I was puking the entire night


    • StrongAsZeus
      StrongAsZeus commented
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      How many bottles of booze did you drink that night?

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    I kissed every person that I met either a male or a female.


    • AglowBeautiful
      AglowBeautiful commented
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      What kind of kiss are you talking about here? Is it just a smack on the lips or a full blown with some tongue action?

    • Amazeac
      Amazeac commented
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      hitthesack Lol, unfortunately, you are not.

    • Amazeac
      Amazeac commented
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      AglowBeautiful I am referring to torrid kiss.

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    Woke up on a yacht at the middle of the sea with the guys that we met the night before


    • bubblebutt6969
      bubblebutt6969 commented
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      Not sure if anybody can top your answer unless somebody end up being in another country

    • AirFeline
      AirFeline commented
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      bubblebutt6969 I bet in the future somebody would end up waking up and headed to another planet lol

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    I had a friend who woke up at a bus stop that was a few blocks away from his parents house. His parents house was an hour long bus ride from the place that he was staying in at the time


    • HugKenji
      HugKenji commented
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      That is why you don't drink too much when you are going to travel.

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    Vomited on a bartender while he was giving us drinks.


    • BabyUni
      BabyUni commented
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      Did you guys get kicked out because of it?

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    I woke up surrounded by unknown guys, I think I attended an orgy the night before.


    • holleroutyo
      holleroutyo commented
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      Sucks that you can't remember a thing happened that night.

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    Originally posted by ManlyBeardMan View Post
    Mine was jumping from the roof into the pool naked
    Naked? I wonder who saw you do that stunt? lol


    • morelove
      morelove commented
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      I bet those people who were in the swimming pool saw him.

    • ablasta
      ablasta commented
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      Guess it was a pool party then. lol