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  • I Want To Disappear

    If given the chance to start anew, are you willing to start all over in a different country or city? I'm talking about being in Spain with a new complete identity that sort of thing

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    I would love to do that every couple of years if it's really possible


    • LoveShove
      LoveShove commented
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      So you're willing to ditch all of your friends and have new ones every couple of years?

    • AirFeline
      AirFeline commented
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      Yeah. A quarter life sort of reset. Kinda nice if you think about it.

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    The only time I would do that sort of thing is when I feel really bored with the life that I'm currently in


    • CuddlyPac
      CuddlyPac commented
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      But do you feel that you would reach that stage in your life?

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    Yes, I hope that is possible, but since I am not rich, I don't think I will ever achieve that.


    • AnneCubix
      AnneCubix commented
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      Money is not an issue. You can always save up. All is worth it if the trade off is really great.

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    No plans of doing it since I'm the type who has a hard time when it comes to developing friendships


    • Amazeac
      Amazeac commented
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      I guess you are not that sociable enough.

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    Where do I sign up for that sort of thing? I feel that I need to have a new set of friends who are always available to hangout with me lol


    • BigDaddy69
      BigDaddy69 commented
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      Guessing that all of your current friends have settled down or have moved out of the city?

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    Why did you choose Spain, of all places? Just asking for mere curiosity. I don't have anything against Spain.


    • BeautifulCupful
      BeautifulCupful commented
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      That might be the first country that popped in her head that's why she mentioned that country

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    Why would you think of this? Something happened? Want to share with the class?


    • Yummykorn
      Yummykorn commented
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      Maybe she watched a movie or something that's about that sort of thing

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    Would love to do that sort of thing when I'm already retired


    • BuiltToLast
      BuiltToLast commented
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      Or you can just move to another country or city, since you're already retired

    • newromance
      newromance commented
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      Being retired is being tired all the time. You'll have the money and the time but you won't have the energy.

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    No plans of ever doing it unless I would end up being in witness protection because I witnessed a crime or something


    • MasQue
      MasQue commented
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      You're watching too much TV. Tone it down. lol

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    No. My life has been awesome so far. But I thought about it once before.


    • BabeLady
      BabeLady commented
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      If it goes downhill, that would be the time you would decide to start anew?

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    Well yes, I want to start anew in Iceland, I love that place.


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      Not really since I love my current life right now.


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        Why not? Seeing new things is the reason why I'm still here.


        • AudreyA
          AudreyA commented
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          And what are those new things that you wanted to see?

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        If that is possible, I will grab that opportunity to get out of the life I am living at the present.