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    Sometimes, we go for blind dates just for fun. We do not know who would we gonna meet and we could even have a surprise of our lives. Who is the most bizarre person you’ve met while dating or having a hookup? Mine was unexpected. My friend set me up for a blind date. I arrived at the bar and was looking for him but I could not find him. I waited for a while then one man was coming to the table. He asked for my name and he introduced himself and said that he was astonished that I was his date. I told him: "So do I."
    He was a midget.

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    I was thinking that he's into some weird shit or something. I think that you're friend should have told you that he was a little person beforehand


    • LoveShove
      LoveShove commented
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      Why would he tell? That's the whole point of blind date.

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    I bet he was the first and only midget person whom you had dated. So what was the feeling of having a little person as a date? Did it not feel uncomfortable?


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      I had met someone from a bar. We danced like crazy and had conversations. He looked a bit handsome, in fairness. So I kinda liked him already. I was waiting for him to ask me out and have some quick fun on his place but no invitation was given. I got his number and we texted for few days. I got to learn more of him on those days of texting each other. He asked for an another date which I willingly accepted. During our conversation, he told me that he was under hormone replacement therapy. He was a trans-man.


      • HoneyHoney72
        HoneyHoney72 commented
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        Was he already done with srs when you met him or he was only starting to transition?

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      Had a date with a foreigner before. All was good until he asked for my Social Security number.


      • fistingfatties
        fistingfatties commented
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        And I'm guessing that you left immediately when he asked you that

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      Had a blind date I met online before. He really buttered me up and at nearly at the end of the date, he asked if I could pay the bill. I accept a fifty-fifty but this dude had the balls to let me shoulder all of it.


      • TeaBroadway
        TeaBroadway commented
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        Guess that he was a real smooth talker since he was able to escape splitting the bill with you

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      For me, it's not really bizarre. It's just... that date was actually a she and she thought that I would be a guy.


      • BabyUni
        BabyUni commented
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        You must had a striking feature of a man. You have an idea what it is?

      • AirFeline
        AirFeline commented
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        BabyUni I look like a lady all throughout so I do not have any manly features. Anyway, it was a misunderstanding between our friends who had set up that blind date. Both of them thought that other one would provide a man.

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      Maybe next time, you should do a background check on your date before saying yes


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        I don't want to sound like a social justice warrior on this one, but the title of the topic is a bit misleading for me. It's like you thought that little people doesn't really exist


        • TroveLove
          TroveLove commented
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          You're right about that one. It sounds like a bit misleading for me as well