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  • Freezing

    Who would dare to have sex in winter? I am not talking inside the house where it would be heated up but in the woods! Has anyone tried it before? I have never seen one nor heard one. Would you dare to try it once? Okay, it gets me thinking if the climbers in the Himalayas had tried to fuck inside their tents! Sorry, just being curious.

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    Not really sure that anyone would be crazy enough to do such a thing. Also it might be difficult to find a guy who can get it hard during winter


    • Lookingforlovin
      Lookingforlovin commented
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      Doing it in the woods? No one would dare do that. They could get hard but how are they going to actually do the banging?
      For the base camps in the Himalayas, I had not heard not watched anything like it. But we actually do not know if there were few adventurous people who attempted to bang inside their tents.

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    I think being horny is the furthest thing on their minds especially that they're in the Himalayas


    • BuiltToLast
      BuiltToLast commented
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      If they're still at the base camp, there's a chance that they might try and find someone to hookup with

    • ablasta
      ablasta commented
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      BuiltToLast Even at the base camps, the temperature would already be too cold where removing the clothes are not possible.

    • Yummykorn
      Yummykorn commented
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      I hope there are members here who had gone at the base camps and tell us of their experiences firsthand.

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    If the guy is hot enough and that's the only way that we can survive the cold, why not? lol


    • morelove
      morelove commented
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      lol. Who would get naked in the woods? You would freeze to death!

    • CupcakeTasty
      CupcakeTasty commented
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      Just hope that he was able to make it hard when you asked him to have sex outdoors during winter

    • CuddlyPac
      CuddlyPac commented
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      morelove On second thought, you are right that we could freeze to death. I still want to live so I would not attempt to have that one anymore.

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    I think that sex never occurred on the minds of those climbers in the Himalayas. That was not one of their goals. They would freeze to death after few minutes of no clothes while inside their tents.


    • Lingtote
      Lingtote commented
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      Maybe they would just lower their pants in order to have sex and not go completely naked considering that it is really cold

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    There might have some who actually tried doing it inside their tents. But I doubt that the guy was able to get it hard enough


    • Informerem
      Informerem commented
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      That's my concern as well. I bet some of those who tried ended up having their dicks getting frost bite lmao

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    I bet that the tour guides would suggest that you don't try it since they might have ancestors who've done it before and died lol


    • Mor2thisIknoe
      Mor2thisIknoe commented
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      Or they would be the ones who would suggest that you do it with them

    • HugKenji
      HugKenji commented
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      Mor2thisIknoe How I wish that we could have a firsthand information; it would be awesome.

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    There's a ton of cold places that you can mention, but why does it have to be the Himalayas? Is it because Mt Everest is located there?


    • BabeLady
      BabeLady commented
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      I think, yes, as Mount Everest is located there. I had read that there are so many people trying to trek in order to reach the summit. There have been so much climbers that trashes had become one of the problems of the place.

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    I think there's something really wrong with the two of you mentally if you ever try and have outdoor sex in the middle of winter


    • PieFlavor
      PieFlavor commented
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      lol. Getting too much adventurous in the woods? Nope, we should.

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    How horny are you that you would even think about doing it outside in the middle of winter lol