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  • Spirit Animal

    Who is or what is your spirit animal? Mine is Aubrey Plaza
    Last edited by Yummykorn; 07-14-2019, 09:41 AM.

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    It would be Sansa and Arya Stark. I feel that they're the type who can survive without having a man in their lives


    • Informerem
      Informerem commented
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      Sansa could've died helpless without Little Finger. Sansa could've died without the Faceless man or Clegane. Your argument is invalid.

    • ablasta
      ablasta commented
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      Now we know people who are just mentioning people just to show off. lol

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    Tyrion Lannister since we both drink and know stuff lmao


    • Amazeac
      Amazeac commented
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      Or it can be Cersei Lannister since she enjoys drinking as well

    • inertia
      inertia commented
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      Cersei just drink out of spite, like, 90% of the scenes she's drinking is when she's scheming for an evil plan.

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    Hmmm. What is a spirit animal? I am kinda lost in here. Care to update me?


    • HoneySpyder
      HoneySpyder commented
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      You can just use google if you want to know what it means

    • Tastyblic
      Tastyblic commented
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      HoneySpyder I was also wondering so I googled it and it told me about animals. lol.

    • StrongAsZeus
      StrongAsZeus commented
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      Are you serious? Is this a joke?

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    It's either Jennifer Lawrence because of her crazy adventures that they often tell at talk shows


    • CupcakeTasty
      CupcakeTasty commented
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      halfSlut23 I don't think that's the one that @AglowBeautiful's talking about

    • Lookingforlovin
      Lookingforlovin commented
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      I think Jennifer is a terrible actress and the only thing going for her is her beauty.

    • sexyme1
      sexyme1 commented
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      I've seen some sketches to prove that. I am really convinced about that. Lookingforlovin

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    With this, I still believe Aubrey is not of this world so calling her a spirit animal is quite okay. lol


    • ManlyBeardMan
      ManlyBeardMan commented
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      I once read that her character at Parks and Rec and her real life personality is not that different. I don't know if it's true though.

    • BugAlive
      BugAlive commented
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      A fantastic casting, if you ask me. One of few characters that are destined for one specific actor.

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    For me, every time I need to make a choice, I always imagine Rick Sanchez watching over me to prevent dumb decisions. Works like 85% of the time.


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      It would be Gregory House for me. He always get shit done even on worst situations.


      • morelove
        morelove commented
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        And the sarcasm too! Always make me laugh.

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      No one is gonna mention Michael from The Office? He's really a great guy over all.


      • fistingfatties
        fistingfatties commented
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        One of the guys might choose him but I guess they are busy of something else like looking for girls?

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      I always adored Mary Poppins. I like her elegance on everything she does.


      • smoker
        smoker commented
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        Don't forget the flying umbrella lmao