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  • Time travel

    They say that time travel is not possible at the moment. But scientists have been researching for a time travel to make it possible. Anyway, if you would be on a time travel and be transported in time permanently, would you choose 500 years into the future or 500 years into the past with your same location? Why? Take note that this would be permanent, with your current condition now, but there would be no returning back to the present time. You would live at your chosen time and would die later when the right time comes.

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    It would be 1519 in the past and 2519 in the future. I guess it would be better to choose the future than the past. By that time, technology had improved a lot already. Life would be simpler than today due to ease of living brought about by the advancement of science and technology.


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      I would definitely go to the future to find out if there would be still humans in the planet and if we have colonies in other planets already


      • BeautifulCupful
        BeautifulCupful commented
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        Nice forward looking point of view. Do you think that humans would already be living on Mars by that time?

      • LoveShove
        LoveShove commented
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        BeautifulCupful Maybe the first human colony would already be in Mars at the time.

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      It would have been too cold and too lifeless if had chosen 500 years in the past. So I guess I need to select the future. I would have been able to see a very nice place if I had chosen the 500 into the future.


      • Cupcakesi
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        How beautiful are you expecting it to be?

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      I will try and go to the past and create a paradox by being my own ancestor lol


      • Cupcakeri
        Cupcakeri commented
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        What you're planning to do reminds of that Futurama episode where Fry ends up sleeping with her grandma when they traveled in the past

      • Yummykorn
        Yummykorn commented
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        You could not do that one. Your present self was transported back in time. After the transportation, your current self would not exist in the current time anymore.

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      I would go to the future and bring a bunch of art work and sneakers. There's a chance that I would end up being rich by selling them


      • Informerem
        Informerem commented
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        Like selling an antique that came from this present day?

      • TroveLove
        TroveLove commented
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        Informerem that's exactly what he's talking about

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      500 years into the future. By that time, the technology might be available in order for humans to live forever. I would avail of it, of course.


      • BugAlive
        BugAlive commented
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        I bet you would be really disappointed if in the future the planet is just a huge landfill like the one in Wall E

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      It's scary to alter the possibilities of going back or going forward. You might go to different places and be stuck there forever, has nayone ever thought if that?


      • HoneyConey
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        Yes, you're probably right. I even thought of that too!

      • TeaHoney
        TeaHoney commented
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        The poster even stated that you would go the same place where you are located now and there would be no returning back. It would be a one way ticket to the past or to the future.

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      I would just travel back in time to see how nostalgic the past is.


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        I would go to the future to see if the planet is fucked up or we've solved all the problems that we're encountering right now


        • TeaBroadway
          TeaBroadway commented
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          What would be your guess about the future? Would it be like the society in Star Trek or it would be more like the one in Judge Dredd?