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  • An invitation

    Is it okay to invite your ex on your wedding day? Why or why not?

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    No, I don't ever want or think of inviting my crazy ex for my wedding and she is absolutely NOT invited during the wedding date as well. Yeah, I'm afraid that things might end up worse if she's there.


    • VanVan01
      VanVan01 commented
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      Oh no! It sounds like she's really a bad ex that you've dealt with, it's better NOT to invite her over to your wedding. You know, just to be sure.

    • TeaHoney
      TeaHoney commented
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      She might even do some acts that might make your wedding day a mess.

    • MasQue
      MasQue commented
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      Were all of your exes crazy? If yes, you must have chosen wrong women.

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    If he's a decent ex and we're in good terms, then I guess inviting him to my wedding day won't be a huge deal. At least I'd get to ask him if he wants to come or not.


    • Amazeac
      Amazeac commented
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      Yes, as long as you are in good terms, then it is okay to invite him. If he has no hard feelings, then he would be happy to see you on your wedding day.

    • J3nnyTalia
      J3nnyTalia commented
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      Sure, you could invite him. Sure, he might accept the invitation. But have you thought of the reaction of your husband-to-be?

    • Marphy
      Marphy commented
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      But have you asked your own boyfriend if he is comfortable seeing your ex on the wedding?

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    If the ex is nice to me like we are still friends then I would invite him. Otherwise, I would not invite him anymore. There is no sense to invite someone whom you are not close to anymore, right?


    • AnneCubix
      AnneCubix commented
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      Yes, if he is close to me then I could still invite him. It is his choice if he accepts it or not.

    • Lilliah
      Lilliah commented
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      Yes, close ex are still okay to invite. It would be their decision to accept or not.

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    I guess it is not okay. In order to have a peaceful wedding, all people who could remind me of the bad pasts must not be around. I want my wedding to be all happy.


    • Janbaby
      Janbaby commented
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      Yes, why even have the right mind t invite your ex over your wedding? He might pull up something nasty that would make your happiest day feel like the worse.

    • holleroutyo
      holleroutyo commented
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      Yeah, you have a point there. All people should be screened first. The people who should be at the wedding are the ones who are worthy to be seen.

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    I could invite him. Never mind if he comes or not. I would send him an invitation, nonetheless. If he wants to see my wedding, then fine with me. If he does not want to see my wedding, then it would not be a big deal with me.


    • TastyLove
      TastyLove commented
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      It is okay for you to invite him or not but at least you asked him right? It's his choice if he wants to come or not but most certainly, hee's not going to come so don't get your hopes up there. Lol.

    • CupcakeComments
      CupcakeComments commented
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      It's better if you should not invite him at all. It only shows that you're showing your wedding off of his face.

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    I don't think that it's okay. For one reason, it would be somehow a slap in my ex' face. It is also inappropriate for me because that would only look as if I would like to rub in his face that I already found my special someone and that someone is not him.


    • XperiencedVirgin
      XperiencedVirgin commented
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      Yes. All points were given. Let us have the inappropriateness as the main reason why we should not invite our ex to our wedding.

    • inertia
      inertia commented
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      But what if it turns out that your ex will soon invite you to his wedding? How would you take that bubblebutt6969?

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    I think it is okay because you two have been friends and have spent some time together in the past. Also, inviting an ex to your wedding only shows that there is no bad blood between the two of you.


    • lover404
      lover404 commented
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      I totally agree. Your ex has been a part of your life and I think he deserves to witness and to be a part of one of the very special events in your life.

    • PieFlavor
      PieFlavor commented
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      It would be fine with the both of you but have you considered the feeling of your fiancé?

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    I feel like it is okay for as long as your ex is not in love with you anymore. Because if he still has feelings for you and you invited him to your wedding, there is a possibility that he'll make a scene in there and will hinder you from getting married to someone else.


    • playagame
      playagame commented
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      Totally true! Your wedding will surely be a disaster if that happens. Well, I think you can invite your ex if you are sure that he's already in a relationship with someone else. Because in that way, he must have moved on from you.

    • youngsterme
      youngsterme commented
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      I'm sure that her ex will be just fine, after all, they're in good terms already. He might bring along his new girlfriend with him just to make sure, lol!

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    No. Even if I have been friends since I broke up with him, there would still be some feeling of pain deep inside his heart. I do not want that to be refreshed when he sees me on my wedding gown with someone else.


    • ManlyBeardMan
      ManlyBeardMan commented
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      You're right I mean, what are you even trying to prove him if you invite him over to your wedding day right? It's best if you should leave him alone and he will never even think of inviting you over to his wedding too, for sure.

    • badbadboys
      badbadboys commented
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      But even if he doesn't feel sad about what happened between you two, well, there's still no chance of him attending to your damn wedding. He will never show up so stop expecting for him to be there on your wedding day lol!

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    For me, it is okay. That's because inviting an ex to my wedding would symbolize that I am already entering a new chapter of my life and the past is already left behind me. It would also mean that my ex and I are in good terms.


    • Danica505
      Danica505 commented
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      Right! Don't invite an ex who surely has a grudge on you because he just might destroy your wedding.

    • StrongAsZeus
      StrongAsZeus commented
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      You're lucky that you're in good terms with your ex, and I'm sure that soon your ex will also invite you to attend his wedding day. It's wonderful to be friends with your ex, it only shows how mature you are for such petty things.

    • BearMsAlive
      BearMsAlive commented
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      But what would be the feeling of your ex? I think that there would still be a bad feeling towards the wedding even if you had becomes friends again.