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Do Women PREFER their Men w/Brazilian Waxed/Shaved Toy?

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  • Do Women PREFER their Men w/Brazilian Waxed/Shaved Toy?

    Do you prefer performing oral sex on a man with.... hair-free privates/toy?
    When engaging in penetrative sex?

    Is being orally stimulated MORE/LESS/SAME pleasurable when you're... with/without kitty, have minimal pubic hair?
    With penetrative sex?

    What are the differences?
    How do they 'feel'?

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    I prefer doing oral in a shaved man because the pubes only gets on the way.
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    • CupcakeComments
      CupcakeComments commented
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      Indeed, and it is kinda gross also when you have pubes in your mouth while doing oral.

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    Of course, a man who is clean down there. I don't want a smelly dick anyway.


    • SmileDemiSmile
      SmileDemiSmile commented
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      Is it right to assume that you want him waxed down there since you mentioned that he needs to be clean down there?

    • Will8UrOS
      Will8UrOS commented
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      If your lover had JUST JUMPED OUT OF THE SHOWER & right into

      He'd STILL have a '👃🏼smelly dick👃🏼 anyway.’¿😿

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    And U? Ur kitty?
    Do you ever have a prob w/'stubble' (either way)?
    What method of hair removal do u use/prefer?


    • hardandrough
      hardandrough commented
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      I mostly used shaving razor to shaved my pubic hairs.

    • Will8UrOS
      Will8UrOS commented
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      holleroutyo. Right! IF PAIN was MY turn-on-NOT
      So far it seems like hair-free genitalia IMPROVES oral sex as there's no hair to interfering w/a wider range of direct on-skin oral stimulation ± @ least once one has recovered from hair REMOVAL(: Ouch¡

      Whereas other than VERY occasionally getting pubes tangled UP (lol), for penetrative sex pubic hair doesn't seem to a prob

      Ya think?

    • Will8UrOS
      Will8UrOS commented
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      hardandrough. Is ur 'handle' a reference to your shaving technique? JUST KIDDING

      You shave w/a dbl (other) bladed safety razor?

      If so: How do you avoid (if @ all) shaving cuts?

      How often is a touch-up, sparing ur lover tongue 'rash', req'd?

      Is a razor shave as close as Brazilian Wax?

      Anyone had sex w/BOTH hair removal methods?

      Did u find one method superior pleasure-wise over the other?

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    I prefer a hairy one. It's doesn't feel natural looking at it shaven.


    • Will8UrOS
      Will8UrOS commented
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      You prefer a hairy one? PLS clarify.
      'Hairy one' meaning entire genitalia e.g. pubis, penis (usually not particularly hairy) & scrotum?

      U prefer a 'hairy one' for BOTH penetrative AND oral sex?

      mhornyimhorny. Seems to prefer the naked, pubefree ape

      & ff course there's ALSO the diff BTW circumcised vs uncircumcised
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    • AnnieP
      AnnieP commented
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      So you wouldn't mind that it looks a jungle down there and might end up having a couple of pubes stuck between your teeth? LOL

    • Will8UrOS
      Will8UrOS commented
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      But... Just for the sake of discussion IF you DIDN'T have to look at it

      Just......had a long climactic session w/it INSIDE you

      Would HAIRY still be preferable?

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    Shaved or properly trimmed for me. And he has to make sure that his balls are completely hair free


    • Live2Hunt
      Live2Hunt commented
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      I think I passed all your requirements.

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    I'm fine with him being shaved down there. If he's braved enough to do Brazilian wax, then that's better


    • AudreyA
      AudreyA commented
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      Based on your answer, it seems that you're the type who's done Brazilian wax before, right?

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    Shaved or trimmed would be fine. Not really sure that men can handle having a Brazilian wax down there


    • honesty101
      honesty101 commented
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      I would take note of that. My ex did it to me once and made me confused as hell. Not sure if I would scream in pain or be turned on that my ex was doing it while she's half naked

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    Based on the guys that I've hooked up with none of them ever had a Brazilian wax on that area of their bodies


    • Will8UrOS
      Will8UrOS commented
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      Yeah. I’m wondering if 'nude genitalia' is 21st Cent. 'porn esthetic’?

      E.g. the ‘object’ of porn isn’t (99% of the time) genuine pleasure (impossible to ‘know’), it’s getting the ‘shots’ & removing' any POTENTIAL obstacles to same… LIKE HAIR!

      So…Once the 'trauma' OUCH of being waxed, shaved, etc., is ‘behind’ one, is there actually a significant 'pleasure payoff'?

      Does sex 'flow', feel, fit better w/nude genitals, or is this just 'porn propaganda’? Just like ‘best sex’ = w/the greatest number of, most brutal insertions per minute(: GIDDYUP¡

      Never having had 'nude genitalia’ sex it’s all intuition & conjecture

      MY experience is neither that hair, nor 'that time of the month', nor 'female secretions' (w/in LIMITS!!) have prevented me from pleasuring my female partner orally, digitally or HOWEVER SHE’S BEST PLEASED!
      Regardless of GENDER(S) ISN’T THIS what making love is about, REAL INTERCOURSE w/a REAL person vs. imitation, 2 dimensional, sterile representations of humans (animals), giving, accepting, enjoying pleasure?

      QUALITATIVELY: how much diff does hair or lack of same REALLY make?🤔

    • Vichie
      Vichie commented
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      I think the male ones (pornstars) who are hairy would prefer to shave it rather than have it waxed