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  • Go nutty face cream

    do women like it when you nut on their faces? or you want it on your other parts
    of the body or not at all?

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    I don't like any bodily fluids involved when having sex that it's just a big turn off for me that's
    why I like having sex with a condom so that when he wants to cum he can just release it on the condom
    the smell of jizz is not really a turn on for me


    • halfSlut23
      halfSlut23 commented
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      So you hate it also when the guy shoots his load on your tummy or back?

    • bemine
      bemine commented
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      It depends on the food or drinks he last consumed would probably make it all smell malodorous for you AnneCubix. Tell him to earn some fruits and drink plenty of fluids to replenish the scent.

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    well I like it when my boyfriend cums on my face It kind gives me a different feel and turns me on
    even more, I don't know to smell that fresh cum on my face really gets me excited and makes me want to
    do it more with my boyfriend


    • BabeLady
      BabeLady commented
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      I know right that fresh jizz on my face is really a turn on and makes me want more and
      sometimes swallowing it is not as bad tasting as you think but on some days it does taste
      bad but I don't mind it on my face I mean If my BF likes it it's okay

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    Not into that sort of thing since we're not making a porno and we're not pornstars


    • StrongAsZeus
      StrongAsZeus commented
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      What are you going to tell your guy if he asks you if it is okay for him to do that to you?

    • BabyUni
      BabyUni commented
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      StrongAsZeus It is okay for him but it is not okay for him. I admire that he is asking for permission but he should know that I am not into facial or having his semen all over my face. That's disgusting.

    • MasQue
      MasQue commented
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      BabyUni what do you mean by "It is okay for him but it is not okay for him"?

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    Originally posted by J3nnyTalia View Post
    Not into that sort of thing since we're not making a porno and we're not pornstars
    To add to what she said. If my guy ever tries to pull that stunt on me, I would withhold sex for a month


    • jennica12
      jennica12 commented
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      Withhold sex for a month to him? But maybe you would consider having sex with other men instead, right? I think that you cannot simply end your sex life just because a man wants to spread his jizz all over your face, LOL!

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    Sometimes, it is nice to perform what those actors in the porn movies do. Sometimes, imitating their actions make me feel like a porn star, too. Lol. So, yeah, to answer it, that would be a yes to me. Of course. it should be done all the time. Lol.


    • morelove
      morelove commented
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      They say that having facial is great for the skin that's why some women would prefer getting creamed on all over their faces. You can wash your face with soap afterwards, it's not even that bad!

    • AudreyA
      AudreyA commented
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      Have you asked all the guys you've slept with to nut on your face?

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    They say that a cum is a good facial cream. How true is that? Sometimes, I want to believe that it is real, but the smell thwarts me away. Lol.


    • imhornyimhorny
      imhornyimhorny commented
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      That is an urban myth. There are so many real facial creams that you could use on your face. Why would you go and opt for that very natural face cream? Lol.

    • longneck
      longneck commented
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      I'd rather stick to my usual facial regimen and not try to get any semen all over my face and hair. It does not make me feel comfortable, plus, can't he just nut it away from my body? He should use a condom, paper towel, or whatever to wipe it off.

    • Lilliah
      Lilliah commented
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      Are you thinking that it is a good facial cream because Japanese pornstars who do bukakke scenes have smooth skin?

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    But the smell of cum is terrible! Nope, I do not want it on face. He could shower it all over my body as I would take a shower afterwards to remove all dirt on my body.


    • merrygoround
      merrygoround commented
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      I can have cream all over my body too, yes. But the smell, I definitely agree, it's terrible and it is something that I cannot imagine getting all over my face. That yucky and sticky feeling just shivers me right now.

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    Such a waste of cum! Can't he just nut inside of my ass or pussy? I'm done with getting facial and semen all over my body, which gives me an uneasy feeling of its stickiness and the smell. Don't get me started on the smell!


    • Vichie
      Vichie commented
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      I don't think that what they're doing is a waste of their cum but the complete opposite of it. And are you sure that you don't care if he cums inside of you?

    • smartass
      smartass commented
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      How many times has a guy ended up cumming on your body?

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    I was actually expecting that this is something that a guy would ask and not from someone like you lol Did the last guy you had sex with gave you the money shot that's why you're asking this question


    • hitthesack
      hitthesack commented
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      How about you? Are you not going to be mad at your boyfriend if he asks if he can shoot his load on your face?

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    Haven't really met a woman who's doesn't mind getting the jizzed on their face because it makes them feel like they're in a porno


    • Janbaby
      Janbaby commented
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      There might be some who liked it before the guy ended up shooting their cum on the girls eyes lol.