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    I was wondering if any of you here has been with a guy who's a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to sex? He's keep on doing the same things during foreplay and sex. Like he starts with french kissing you, then he grabs your left boob as he starts goes down to the neck, etc...

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    Luckily I've never been with a guy who was like that during sex. Does he also keep on doing the same positions during sex and doesn't let you be the one who will control the pace?


    • BugAlive
      BugAlive commented
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      There is a huge chance that they do the same positions over and over since the guy sounds like the type who enjoys doing things in a certain manner or routine.

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    I think that there are guys that I've been with who were a bit like that. But those men are by the numbers when it comes to the positions that we're going to do and not during foreplay.


    • ManlyBeardMan
      ManlyBeardMan commented
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      I'm guessing they will only do the common positions when they're having sex with you.

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    Are you talking about doing the exact same thing every time you had sex? Why not be the one who will initiate the sex so that there will be a change of pace and it might make him change his routine.


    • Mor2thisIknoe
      Mor2thisIknoe commented
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      I don't think that being the one who initiates will make him change the routine. He can still do the exact same thing once they're having foreplay.

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    The way you described what he's doing to you feels like it is a scene from a porno movie that he has watched a million times that is why those were his go to moves during foreplay and sex.


    • Divina009
      Divina009 commented
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      I also had a guy before and he only learns it from his favorite scene and he keeps on doing it.

    • squirrellove
      squirrellove commented
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      Divina009 Maybe its time to tell him that he needs to watch a different scene so he won't keep on doing it if you try to make him watch other porno clips.

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    It was only the foreplay that is on repeat but when it comes to bed positions I teach him on what he will do and I instruct my partner so we will not stick on the same move again.


    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      Did you try and talk to him about it or you just ignored his foreplay routine?

    • VickyMae55
      VickyMae55 commented
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      And I'm guessing that you're the one who's always on top during sex?

    • Carlosa34
      Carlosa34 commented
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      Did you at least enjoy the things that he's been doing to you during foreplay or you tell him to fuck you already so that you can take charge of the situation already.

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    I only do it by the numbers if its a new girl. If I will do it with the same girl, I'll make sure to do a different kind of approach when making love to her.


    • SimplyAlisha
      SimplyAlisha commented
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      Are you sure that you can mix it up if you're going to sleep with her again?

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    I really can't remember his routine since I am not totally aware of his moves but the first thing he does is to kiss me. I was pretty much absent-minded and was only thinking of getting laid.


    • iwantFWB
      iwantFWB commented
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      But I know you are aware of the sex positions you both are doing and is it always the same?

    • MoiraMcTagarrt
      MoiraMcTagarrt commented
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      I guess you immediately get lost in it that's why you can't remember if he keeps on doing the same things or not.