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  • How Long Did It Last?

    What's the longest relationship that you guys have been in? Mine was almost four years. Looking forward to reading your answers

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    I guess my longest is 2 years and the shortest is 1 week.


    • MasQue
      MasQue commented
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      merrygoround that might be a fling or just a temporary booty call

    • Live2Hunt
      Live2Hunt commented
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      merrygoround Well, my girlfriend for 1 week died because she got OD'd on methamphetamine.

    • merrygoround
      merrygoround commented
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      Live2Hunt That's your fault for choosing a woman who was a crackhead.

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    Mine is 7 years long. Things didn't work out in the end after learning that she is pregnant with my best friend being the father.


    • holleroutyo
      holleroutyo commented
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      This is the worst thing a best friend can do to you.

    • StrongAsZeus
      StrongAsZeus commented
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      SmgSpuffy We did a DNA testing.

    • StrongAsZeus
      StrongAsZeus commented
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      MoiraMcTagarrt Definitely! Why would I even still be friends with that kind of person?

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    Mine was 6 years long. Why do you ask anyway?


    • XperiencedVirgin
      XperiencedVirgin commented
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      Would also like to know what's her reason why she asked that question.

    • PussySlay
      PussySlay commented
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      SimplyAlisha XperiencedVirgin Maybe it is out of curiosity and to start a topic.

    • newromance
      newromance commented
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      @PussySlayI don't think that's the reason why she was asking this question.

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    It was seven years for me and he wasted it by cheating on with a slut he met at a stripper bar.


    • CuddlyPac
      CuddlyPac commented
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      So have you moved on from him?

    • CupcakeTea
      CupcakeTea commented
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      If he ever comes back, will you give him another chance?

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    3 years, but we broke up in a good way and it is a mutual decision. I guess at that time, we both fallen out of love with each other.


    • Informerem
      Informerem commented
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      So are you still friends with him? Do you have plans in getting back together?

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    2 years and a half, we both discovered that we were not compatible together so we decided to end it. We became friends afterward.
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    • hitthesack
      hitthesack commented
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      I think that staying friends with an ex only means that one of you still have feelings towards the other

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    It was almost four years. Didn't work out for us since it was a long distance relationship already


    • imhornyimhorny
      imhornyimhorny commented
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      So you are not into LDR?

    • XtineA
      XtineA commented
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      That's the problem with most long distance relationships. It is really hard to maintain

    • KellyEM
      KellyEM commented
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      imhornyimhorny Not anymore, honey. I've learned my lesson.

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    Four years. It ended because we were not able to keep things interesting for the both of us and just let it go stale


    • AnneCubix
      AnneCubix commented
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      Why did the both of you let your relationship go stale?

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    We've been together 6 years in total (4 years as a couple and 2 years being engaged) We both realized that we're just going through the motions already and because it is the so-called next thing to do


    • honesty101
      honesty101 commented
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      Who was the first one who actually realized that?

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    Mine would be 5 years. It is a shame we did not end up together.


    • HugKenji
      HugKenji commented
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      Me too, five years but that is how relationships go, no assurance if you are going to be together or not no matter how long you've been together.

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    Seven years but it is more of an on-off thing between the two of us so I'm not sure if it would count


    • HoneyConey
      HoneyConey commented
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      So do you have plans on getting back together with him?

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    We lasted for 3 years, at that time I thought that he was the one but I guess I'm wrong.


    • J3nnyTalia
      J3nnyTalia commented
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      Well, that always happened all the time. So how did you both broke up?

    • SmileDemiSmile
      SmileDemiSmile commented
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      What's the reason why things ended between the two of you?