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Knowing Your Limits

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  • Knowing Your Limits

    When it comes to kinks and fetishes, what are some of the things that you're willing to do for him or her?

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    For me, it would be the ones that people would stay away from like hardcore bdsm and the like


    • TeaBroadway
      TeaBroadway commented
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      Don't you think that those were the things that most people enjoy?

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    No plans of ever being fisted


    • Lingtote
      Lingtote commented
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      I think that most of us wouldn't want to experience that

    • BabeLady
      BabeLady commented
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      How about being fuck in the ass with two huge dicks?

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    I have no plans ending up like this. This is the Japanese bondage art-form called shibari


    • imhornyimhorny
      imhornyimhorny commented
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      I don't think the first pic doesn't look fun

    • AglowBeautiful
      AglowBeautiful commented
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      Yes, it's art but it seems that it will hurt als9o.

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    I am willing to be dominated and treated to be like a slave by my mistress.


    • Tastyblic
      Tastyblic commented
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      How about being spanked or paddled?

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    I like to think that she wants to be my slave, not the other way around.


    • HoneyConey
      HoneyConey commented
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      So you end up being her slave or not?

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    I can be a slave or a dominant if he wants me to. I can also play roleplaying if he likes.


    • inertia
      inertia commented
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      What kind of a role playing would you like to try

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    I would be fine with anything as long as the both of us will not end up hurt


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      I'm fine with some light spanking, choking, and being tied up. Hope that the guy would be into the same things also


      • #10
        I can be submissive when it comes to sex.


        • #11
          I can be his slaves and I am open to a threesome.


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            Have no plans of being choked and spanked hard that I end up having welts


            • TastyLove
              TastyLove commented
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              So what are the thing that you're willing to do?