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When Do You Move In Together?

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  • When Do You Move In Together?

    How far long in the the relationship do you think is the right time you talk about moving in together?

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    As long as you are comfortable with each other and you two can provide I think you can move in together.


    • HoneyConey
      HoneyConey commented
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      Agree, and if you are compatible with each other.

    • XtineA
      XtineA commented
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      HoneyConey I think being compatible with each other is a given already. Why would be with someone that you're not compatible with?

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    Maybe a year or year and a half into the relationship?


    • yumyum
      yumyum commented
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      Lol, who knows at that time you both already have broken up.

    • BearMsAlive
      BearMsAlive commented
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      yumyum are you assuming that most of the people here are not into long term relationships?

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    Definitely after being a year together, unless that one of you have problems when it comes to housing problems during the start of the relationship


    • badbadboys
      badbadboys commented
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      Does it mean if you're just a month into the relationship and he or you had a housing problem, you would ask him to move in with you or you would move in with him?

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    After having a relationship for almost 2 years is a great time to talk about moving in together.


    • hitthesack
      hitthesack commented
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      Are you going to force the guy or not?

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    You should have added a follow up question like who's going to move with whom? Is the guy who moves with the girl or the girl is the one who's going to move with the guy


    • SmileDemiSmile
      SmileDemiSmile commented
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      Well, they can actually get a totally different place also

    • newromance
      newromance commented
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      That might be the next topic that she's going to post. Or you can be the one who would make the topic AnnieP

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    Definitely a year after you've been together but you have to make sure that your partner really wants to move in with you


    • AnneCubix
      AnneCubix commented
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      I think that is a bit early to move in together.

    • smartass
      smartass commented
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      AnneCubix Nah, I think that is enough time.

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    Has any of you here, actually moved in with a guy before or not?


    • 1xz9
      1xz9 commented
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      I think that there were some who did that just to cut some cost living alone.

    • Danica505
      Danica505 commented
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      1xz9 I bet that when they broke up it was a hard since there's a chance that they were not able to move out of the place immediately

    • Yummykorn
      Yummykorn commented
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      I've moved in with an ex before for a month. My ex decided it would be better for us to have our own place

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    In my opinion, it would be anytime as long as you both agree to it.


    • Annalyn
      Annalyn commented
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      So you're not going to force the guy to move in with you?

    • holleroutyo
      holleroutyo commented
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      Even if you've been together for only a month?

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    Maybe a year because at least at that span of time, you already know each other.


    • honesty101
      honesty101 commented
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      I hope that you're not going to force to move in with you if you reached that first year

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    It all depends on the guy that I'm seeing. As long as he's the one who's going to move in with me


    • rockmybedpls
      rockmybedpls commented
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      So you wouldn't mind that he moves in within a month into the relationship?

    • Vichie
      Vichie commented
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      Don't you like to move in with him?

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    For me, there is no specific time, it's both your decision then do it.


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      It depends if he wants to move in with me.


      • BabeLady
        BabeLady commented
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        And you wouldn't feel bad for yourself if he doesn't want to move in with you?

      • Lookingforlovin
        Lookingforlovin commented
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        BabeLady Yeah, because that is his choice so I will respect that.