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  • Cousin marriage

    There are some people whose marriage had been influenced by deep and running traditions. Whether you believe it or not, there are groups of people who do cousin marriage. That is, they marry their first cousin. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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    There are certain cultures that would have marriages within their family or clan in order for their wealth would stay within them. But I have no plans of doing such a thing because too much inbreeding would often result to retardation of the succeeding generations


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      First cousin? That would be dangerous as it could lead to health risks like various genetic disorders on the children. So, I would not allow this one to happen to me. For me, I am against this first cousin marriage.


      • HugKenji
        HugKenji commented
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        I am against it, too. Like it is a taboo. In some countries, first cousin marriages are illegal.

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      If that has been a long running tradition then it must already be stopped. It creates problems after problems throughout the generations. What would happen to those children born from cousin marriages?


      • Tastyblic
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        Some of them might end up being retarded or have some genetic defect

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      If it is their tradition then let them continue it and let them suffer from any consequences from continuing it despite medical literature stating that it would have health risks.


      • holleroutyo
        holleroutyo commented
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        If it doesn't have to do with you then it's best to just let them do whatever you want lol. I agree with you

      • Cupcakesi
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        In sociology, a tradition is neither classified as good or bad. But in this particular case, I could say that this tradition would be halted.

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      How about convincing their own government to ban the practice? It is already proven that it could result into genetic abnormalities of children so that alone should be the main basis of banning the tradition.


      • CupcakeTea
        CupcakeTea commented
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        BuiltToLast Could you share to us these countries that you were referring to?

      • HoneyHoney72
        HoneyHoney72 commented
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        How do you convince a country to do it? Would you do a campaign?

      • LoveShove
        LoveShove commented
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        HoneyHoney72 Well, convincing a country to do something would be a gargantuan task. Ah! We could have it on social media. If a country would be attacked on various social media, their attention would be tuned in and from there, they could start to roll it out.

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      One royal family in medieval Spain died out due to inbreeding. At that time, it was not known that it could cause some problems so they continued it to have a grip on the power. But now, times have changed and with the advancement of science, it had been known that it causes genetic abnormalities on the children. We must then stop the traditions which do not conform to the principles of science.


      • jerda201
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        Speaking of royal families. You should also include the Targaryen's in this one even if they're just a fictional family

      • newromance
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        jerda201 guess that you're a huge Game Of Thrones fan that's why you included them in the discussion?

      • HoneyConey
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        PussySlay, not sure they can follow science since there wasn't a study about genetics when that royal family was still alive. lol
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      Why are some races even practice this one? What benefit could they get from it?


      • AglowBeautiful
        AglowBeautiful commented
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        They are doing it for a stronger family tie. That is their main reason. Each one would be close and would help each other because they are all families.

      • smoker
        smoker commented
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        For some, it's because they live in a isolated place that's why they're forced to marry their relatives

      • BugAlive
        BugAlive commented
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        Not sure that most of them still practice this sort of thing these days. Unless they live in the middle of nowhere just like what smoker has mentioned