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    During fights with your partner, who's the one who always ends up saying that they're sorry? Is it you or your partner?

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    It always been the guy who ends up trying to apologize to me even if I'm the one who started the fight lol.


    • #3
      I think most of the time it is us men who says sorry first even if we're not the one are at fault.


      • smartass
        smartass commented
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        So what's your reason why you're the first one who says sorry to your girl?

      • SmileDemiSmile
        SmileDemiSmile commented
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        How many times have you actually said sorry to a girl even if it wasn't your fault?

    • #4
      It all depends whose fault is it. I always wait for him to apologize if it's his fault and the same goes for me.


      • Vichie
        Vichie commented
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        But most of the time, which one of you usually starts the fight?

    • #5
      I'll be the one who will say sorry to her so it will be over and get back on what it used to be. I don't want to prolong her agony and I'll do it so we can make love already.


      • fucklove
        fucklove commented
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        Yeah, a woman really loves that if men become sensitive and apologize to her quickly.

    • #6
      If I'm the one who started it, then I will be the one who's going to be the first to apologize.


      • MoiraMcTagarrt
        MoiraMcTagarrt commented
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        And I'm guessing that he would do the same thing if he's the one who's at fault?

      • BiancaG
        BiancaG commented
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        Will you still be the first one to apologize even if you're still angry at him?

    • #7
      I think the one who is going to apologize is the one who is not sulking in their room. The one who is more hot-headed is the one who waits for an apology.


      • BugAlive
        BugAlive commented
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        I guess you have to wait for their head to cool off then apologize because they are scary when you approach them.

    • #8
      I'm more sensitive than my partner and I always say I'm sorry with them personally or text them.


      • Annalyn
        Annalyn commented
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        What if it is his fault? Are you still going to be the first one who will apologize or you'll wait for him to admit his mistake?

    • #9
      To those who are not willing to apologize to their partner even if it is your fault. You guys need to lower down your pride or ego every once in a while.


      • AnneCubix
        AnneCubix commented
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        Maybe the reason why they do that is because they feel that it is a sign of weakness if they admit that they are wrong.

      • honesty101
        honesty101 commented
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        The two of you have really good points on this one and there have been times that I've waited for my partner to say sorry first because I knew that I was right all along.

    • #10
      For me, it doesn't matter who started the fight. I think that the one who's wrong should be the first one to apologize.


      • rockmybedpls
        rockmybedpls commented
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        So you're never going to say sorry even if you started the fight just because you know that you're right?

      • yumyum
        yumyum commented
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        Yeah but sometimes their pride is too high and it's difficult to make them say I'm sorry.

    • #11
      For me, It's always my partner, and I am really not used to say those words if they hurt my ego and damage my pride.


      • newromance
        newromance commented
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        You must be so bitter if they happen to hurt your ego and pride and how long does it take you to forgive them?