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    Originally posted by newromance View Post
    What kind of date are we talking about here? Is it between friends or with someone who has the hots for you? If it is the latter, then my answer would be never done it before
    Just like newromance I would also like to know what kind of dating are you talking about.


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      Not really the type who goes behind my guy's back for a date.


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        Does being a sugar baby and having a date with a potential sugar parent count?


        • AnneCubix
          AnneCubix commented
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          So you're going to try and juggle a real relationship and having a sugar daddy at the same time?

        • XtineA
          XtineA commented
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          AnneCubix I'm not planning to do that, honey. I was just asking him.

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        I'm still a little bit confused about this. Are you talking about a romantic date or a casual date or a friendly date?


        • HoneySpyder
          HoneySpyder commented
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          I think she was referring to romantic to romantic dates.

        • halfSlut23
          halfSlut23 commented
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          HoneySpyder Well, thanks for clearing that one out.