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  • Wetty Fap

    Us ladies tend to get wet if we suddenly feel horny, Besides having an erection can guys get wet also?

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    Never been with a guy who let out some precum when you grabbed his dick?


    • morelove
      morelove commented
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      That might be the reason why she's asking

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    I hope this will help you


    • PieFlavor
      PieFlavor commented
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      Guys read this, I'm sure you'll have an idea if a man really gets wet.

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    Maybe the next time you're with a guy you can dry hump or grind on him while he's in his boxers to find out if he would get wet or not.


    • holleroutyo
      holleroutyo commented
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      I'm assuming that you've done this before to a guy?

    • Amazeac
      Amazeac commented
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      Of course, I do like always.

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    I think they call their juice a pre-cum.


    • Cupcakesi
      Cupcakesi commented
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      That's what I'm also thinking.

    • Lookingforlovin
      Lookingforlovin commented
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      Yes, it is actually called precum CuddlyPac

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    You don't have to worry about his precum since it can't get you pregnant


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      The next time you suck or stroke a dick, try and look at it and you might notice him letting out some precum


      • XperiencedVirgin
        XperiencedVirgin commented
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        Yeah, and you can also use his pre-cum as your

      • HoneySpyder
        HoneySpyder commented
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        That's right, that taste a bit salty though.

      • CupcakeComments
        CupcakeComments commented
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        She would notice it more if she would just stroke his dick

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      are you talking about the butt?? all shit!!! i never heard of such a thing


      • imhornyimhorny
        imhornyimhorny commented
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        I guess she's talking about the dick and not the ass.

      • HoneyConey
        HoneyConey commented
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        What are you talking about the butt getting wet? leonbronsomGM

      • Aglowwo
        Aglowwo commented
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        I'm wondering what made you think that we are talking about the butt.

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      It can get wet by sucking it. Lol


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      merrygoround dont talk about it make it happen


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      The precum would make it wet, that's what I know.


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        what made you curious about this?


        • HoneyHoney72
          HoneyHoney72 commented
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          It might be something that she just realized recently

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        Even if a man doesn't really get wet like us, I still love it.


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          my girlfriend gets super wet while sucking dick, call it "fountain from fountain" stupid but so lul


          • rockmybedpls
            rockmybedpls commented
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            How about you? Do you get wet when you are horny?