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  • Which do you prefer?

    Do you prefer to give or receive? Lately, I like receiving because really performs well in bed. He is just so good.

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    Same here with me. I love receiving from my man because he knows how to really please me.


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      I really don't know the reason why but sometimes I prefer giving than receiving.


      • KellyEM
        KellyEM commented
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        That is your preference and I think that there is nothing wrong about that.

    • #4
      Of course receiving, who would not enjoy receiving one.


      • Amazeac
        Amazeac commented
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        Try giving maybe you will also like it.

    • #5
      I do enjoy both so I choose none. For me giving and receiving is the same thing.


      • CupcakeTasty
        CupcakeTasty commented
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        Can you explain to me how on earth giving and receiving the same thing?

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      I prefer to receive like any other male, but I love eating some sweet pussy with a side of juice to cum with it. I honestly love them both almost equal, but receiving I would have to choose if I was made to do so. If you had a wife like mine. You would know why I prefer it.


      • BeautifulCupful
        BeautifulCupful commented
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        Sounds like your wife really knows how to please if you prefer to receive

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      morelove You should also try being the giver to know what it feels like.


      • #8
        For me, giving is better than receiving. I was born to be a giver and I will be a giver forever.


        • BigDaddy69
          BigDaddy69 commented
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          That will all change when you try me.

        • Tastyblic
          Tastyblic commented
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          BigDaddy69 You are one confident fellow, aren't you? Lol

      • #9
        I like doing both because I believe that if you receive, you should also give.


        • BugAlive
          BugAlive commented
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          And vice versa.

      • #10
        You should also try giving and not always receiving. Your man might get tired of that.


        • Live2Hunt
          Live2Hunt commented
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          What do you prefer? Give or Receive?

      • #11
        That's really a hard question. For me, I like both. Pleasing someone and being pleased by that someone.


        • HugKenji
          HugKenji commented
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          Just be honest and tell us that you would being pleased has a slight advantage

        • ManlyBeardMan
          ManlyBeardMan commented
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          It surely does, of course.

      • #12
        I prefer giving because I want to please my woman more than anything else.


        • BabyUni
          BabyUni commented
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          Okay, good to know that there's still a man like you.

      • #13
        I prefer that he would be the one who's going to please me. Gotten tired of always being the one who gives it to my guy


        • Aglowwo
          Aglowwo commented
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          I can feel you. It's really tiring if you always be the one giving.

      • #14
        I don't mind if I would be called selfish because of it, but always preferred to receive rather than give when it comes to sex


        • #15
          It depends there are days when I wanted to give and some days when I just want to receive. Women's mood always chance so I guess that's given.