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  • She's so lucky!

    My friend chatted me up and says that she has found herself a perfect sugar daddy. It's been months since I've last heard from her because of her failed relationship and now, she wants to see me after their date. It will be in a few weeks from now and she's really excited because she says that her sugar daddy will leave her some cash for us to have a shopping spree, isn't that amazing?

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    Look at that, your friend wants you to meet her sugar daddy too! Soon she will offer you have a threesome with them and there is no way that you would decline that offer!


    • badbadboys
      badbadboys commented
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      I thought of that too, I mean it's possible that there would be a threesome that is bound to happen between them. Well, I'm sure that her sugar daddy would be very lucky to have them both at once!

    • longneck
      longneck commented
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      What? But she did not say that she would introduce the old man to her friend. They only have a shopping spree together, right?

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    You're lucky to be her friend and she knows that she can count on you, that's why she even wanted to share with you her luxuries in life but of course, with the help of her sugar daddy.


    • fistingfatties
      fistingfatties commented
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      I wish I can have a friend like that or it would be best if I can find myself a sugar daddy like that too. Imagine all the possibilities that I can get if I ever get a perfect sugar daddy that gives me everything that I want.

    • bubblebutt6969
      bubblebutt6969 commented
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      Instead of having a shopping spree, it would be best if she keeps the money in the bank. In that way, she could be able to save some money.

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    I know some friends of mine who have sugar daddies on the side but they do not tell me to come over and get a taste of their luxurious lives. Am I missing something here? Why is it that you women get to be so lucky?


    • iwantFWB
      iwantFWB commented
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      Then you should go out there and look for a sugar mommy and if you're lucky enough to find one then good for you. You deserve it anyway!

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    Whoa! Really? Ain't that a lucky catch! I hope her sugar daddy treats her right and she's a kind soul I can tell. I mean she wants to share with her friends about the life that she's living now. And she's so humble too!


    • playagame
      playagame commented
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      She did not state that she would share the money for their shopping spree equally. Well, anyway, it is her money after all.

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    Her sugar daddy must be rich as he could provide her some extra money for her shopping spree. Too bad that both of them are fooling each other. Fooling in the sense that sugar dating is a shallow relationship where money is the real driver.


    • lover404
      lover404 commented
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      How can they be a fool? They're aware about sugar dating and I think they just wanted to have a good time. Maybe it's time for you to try sugar dating as well so you can see how fun it is to earn easy money.

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    It's like the sugar daddy is lucky to have pets like you two, lol! I may sound envious but I'm not, in reality, it's unusual for a friend to share the same sugar daddy when all she wants is to have him for her own.


    • Vichie
      Vichie commented
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      You have a point there AirFeline but I guess her friend is generous enough to share her gains to a friend and in that way she might as well convince her to look for a sugar daddy as well.

    • Carlosa34
      Carlosa34 commented
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      Well, we should not be sharing our sugar daddy with our friends. It simply does not look good at all.

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    But the life span of sugar babies are limited. They could have their peak times in just few years then it would wane as they get older.


    • honesty101
      honesty101 commented
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      Well, let them do whatever they want just as long as they're minding their own business and not minding yours too.

    • VanVan01
      VanVan01 commented
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      ablasta I think those sugar babies are aware of it, yes, it is given already that they won't be long in those sugar dates that's why they're making the most out of it while it's there.

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    She may be lucky now that she has a generous sugar daddy but until when? She could not be a sugar baby on her entire life. Anyway, she should enjoy it.


    • HoneySpyder
      HoneySpyder commented
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      I'm sure that she's just making the most out of it while it's still there. I feel happy for them and you should just be happy for them as well.

    • virgingirl
      virgingirl commented
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      We'll never know if she and her sugar daddy will stay long in that relationship but for now, they're in a fresh new relationship. Why do you even sound like you'd wish that they will end their relationship any time soon?

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    So, what you do have on your mind to buy during your shopping spree? If the money is limited then you won't be able to buy lots of things.


    • BuiltToLast
      BuiltToLast commented
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      I think she's only buy the things that she really needs, anything like clothes, shoes or makeup. Well, it's up to her and I bet that she'll finally find herself a sugar daddy so she can have more shopping sprees in the future, lol.

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    Looks like you are getting envious with your friend. Why not look for your own sugar daddy who could also provide you some shopping money?


    • Janbaby
      Janbaby commented
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      She doesn't sound jealous, rather enthusiastic because she'll give this a try and she'll see for herself if she will definitely look for a sugar daddy for her own.

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    Wow, seems like she just landed a great catch. It's really amazing and I am somehow envious that there are people who are so rich up to the point that they don't know where to put their money so they end up having sugar babies instead. How I wish I find some sugar daddy for myself too.