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  • Best your sex

    Tell us how it was ??

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    I might sound like I'm exaggerating things, but all I can say is that it was life altering and mind blowing experience


    • J3nnyTalia
      J3nnyTalia commented
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      He must be really skilled for you to say that.

    • PussySlay
      PussySlay commented
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      J3nnyTalia He sure was.

    • AirFeline
      AirFeline commented
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      Do you mind telling us the details about it, how it became life altering and mind blowing?

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    I orgasm for 3 times that's how intense it was. How about you telling us your best sex experience.


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      Are you planning to compare notes with us that's why you're asking this question?


      • Informerem
        Informerem commented
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        Maybe that is why he was asking about our best experience.

      • hardandrough
        hardandrough commented
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        Or he was just curious about everyone's best sex experience.

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      My pussy was sore for a couple of days because of the number of times that we did it that night


      • honesty101
        honesty101 commented
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        I bet he fucked you so hard that is why your pussy was sore.

      • MasQue
        MasQue commented
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        How many times did he fuck you?

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      We had sex every day for 6 months, that's how good the sex was.
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      • ablasta
        ablasta commented
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        And I bet that you are skilled too in satisfying your woman.

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      Can you tell us first your experience before giving you ours?


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        Are you asking us what's the best sex for us?


        • Kinkytime
          Kinkytime commented
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          I guess that's what he was trying to say.

        • HoneyConey
          HoneyConey commented
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          Kinkytime Okay, I finally get it. Lol

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        When I and my ex-boyfriend had standing sex in the empty hallway of our apartment. It was the best sex ever.


        • fistingfatties
          fistingfatties commented
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          Lucky for you both no one saw you because you might be charge with indecent exposure.

        • newromance
          newromance commented
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          Well, we didn't think about that.

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        The best sex of my life was with my ex 3 years ago, he was so good he made me cum thrice in just one round.


        • AnneCubix
          AnneCubix commented
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          Wow! He must be really that good. I never ever experience cumming three times in just one round.

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        My best sex was years ago. Been on a dry spell for a year now.


        • Carlosa34
          Carlosa34 commented
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          He wasn't that big, but the way he touched me, the way he licked and teased my body. Wonder if he still has the same number

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        It was very very satisfying. I never had sex in my life that good and probably will never have again.


        • #13
          Based on my sex experienced, there is nothing I can call best but some are better.


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            Looks like he just left us all here so we can just figure out what he said. Lol


            • AudreyA
              AudreyA commented
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              Lol! What a waste of time.

            • uninvoked
              uninvoked commented
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              What a mean man he is.

          • #15
            Having sex in public is the best sex for me.


            • inertia
              inertia commented
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              Why is that? Can you explain further?