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To rekindle an flame or not?

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  • To rekindle an flame or not?

    I had a previous flirt buddy through chat and we haven't met in person yet. Our communication just died when I got promoted and he moved to a new workplace. After a few months, he starts chatting me up and says that he wants to meet up with me. He admits that he hooked up with other girls but he really wants to be with me, do you think that I should give him a chance?

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    If you still like him then why not? You could still enjoy him should you pursue to have him back. He had hooked up with other girls and it is likely that you also hooked up with other men duting the times that you did not have a communication with each other.


    • youngsterme
      youngsterme commented
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      Yes, those could be the cases. Now, you would have the chance to be with each other again. Go on and have some fun together.

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    Everyone deserves to have a second chance. So, there you go. You need to give him a chance to flirt with you again and then eventually fuck you around. Yeah, no need to lie about that. We all want to be laid down, right?


    • Amazeac
      Amazeac commented
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      Are you sure that he deserves that chance? Hmm, well then, if I were in her situation then I'd consider giving him a chance UNLESS if he can change my mind.

    • BabyUni
      BabyUni commented
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      He missed his first chance and your first chance. Do not be so assuming that he is the only one who would benefit from it. For sure, both of you would benefit from it.

    • longneck
      longneck commented
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      Flirting then fucking then leaving. It is too familiar to me. Lol.

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    He just wants to hook up with you and it's just a one-time thing, consider accepting his offer, give him a chance to prove to you that he's great in bed. Careful now, you might get addicted to him.


    • PieFlavor
      PieFlavor commented
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      What?! Are you saying that it would just be one night stand then he would leave you again?

    • PussySlay
      PussySlay commented
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      If she gets addicted to him, then they could level up the relationship into friends with benefits. For sure, both would gonna love it.

    • ablasta
      ablasta commented
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      Prove that he is great in bed? But she should already know that one as they are just to rekindle an old flame.

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    I wish my former fuckbuddy would come back to me too and I sure wouldn't miss that chance! I miss her body and how she can really turn me on in so many ways possible. Too bad that she's married already, how about that? Should I consider hooking up with her again?


    • AnnieP
      AnnieP commented
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      Of course, not! Why would you hook up with someone who is already married? Are you nuts?

    • hardandrough
      hardandrough commented
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      Do not expect that she would still come and have fun with you. She is already married so there is a little chance that she could still remember you.

    • bubblebutt6969
      bubblebutt6969 commented
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      Lol. That is wishful thinking. We could have wishes but most of those would not come true.

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    I do not find any problem with that. You could just continue what was cut off in the past. Wait, what do you mean a flirt buddy? Are you just flirting with each other?


    • LovelyAlive
      LovelyAlive commented
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      Maybe they were just starting up to be friends with benefits. Of course, they need to flirt with each other first, right?

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    Of course, give a chance and have a good time with your life. It seems that he is very interested with you so you can go on and be with him again. Who knows what would happen next?


    • Divina009
      Divina009 commented
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      I swear, if he's going to fuck it up again this time then he should give it a rest. He sounds like a fuckboy to me. Ladies, be careful of fuckboys they will surely mess you up!

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    Chance on what? As far as I know, he just wants to meetup with you and he did not state that he wants to get back with you. So I think that for the sake of old times, you go and meet up with him.


    • smartass
      smartass commented
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      She didn't say that they were together before. But I do agree with what you said. They made memories when they were flirting with each other before so might as well meet up with him and probably they can flirt with each other again.

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    It's just a harmless meet up for me so I don't see any problem or any big deal. Just make sure that it's just a meetup and not a hookup. Lol!


    • AirFeline
      AirFeline commented
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      But what if he's single and is asking you to hook up with him? I bet that you might give in and let him have a taste of you, lol!

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    Would that flirt buddy turn into a fuck buddy? If yes, and if you truly want to have him then go on with it. I believe that you still like that person. As for him, he has not forgotten you yet.


    • AliveLivery
      AliveLivery commented
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      It is rare for a person to come back into your life just like that. How I wish there are some previous fuckbuddies of mine would come back to me. I will accept him with open arms!

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    Do you like that flirt buddy even if you had not met him? If you say yes, then, okay, go on. You could continue to flirt each other.


    • Annalyn
      Annalyn commented
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      No one is stopping her and if they're both single then it's perfectly fine! Right timing too, they really want to pursue each other then they should just go for it without the need of thinking things twice.

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    Have you not found someone new while he was gone? I think that you had seen one already. So, why would you still entertain someone who was already a part of the past?


    • SmileDemiSmile
      SmileDemiSmile commented
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      If she is still available, and she still likes the man then it is fine to rekindle that old flame.

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    No, do not give a chance anymore. His chance to have you had already lapsed. He belongs to the past. You could say no to him already.


    • jerda201
      jerda201 commented
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      It seems like you've been in that same situation when a previous hookup comes running back to you. Well, whatever he did to you, he deserves it anyway. You did great by not giving him another chance and he must say in the past where he belongs.