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Smallest reason/s to breakup with someone

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    Was he making fun of them in bad way or he was just making stereotypical gay jokes? Because if he's intent is to hurt the person then it is okay to break up with him because of it. Otherwise, just tell him to stop doing it since people might interpret it the wrong way


    • jennica12
      jennica12 commented
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      People will surely misinterpret it since he is intentionally making fun of gay people for no apparent reason. Please just excuse his ignorance and think about his level of perception.

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    When someone makes fun of gay people, then stay away from that person. That means that he is homophobic and it could be that he also have other phobias in his life that he is keeping to himself. If he could not understand the plight of other people, then that could mean that he has a limited understanding of the world. Could we classify that one as a low intellect person?


    • bemine
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      Why is there still homophobia? That's pathetic! All people are out and why is there a need to make fun of them? It's 2020, hello?

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    You are an immature person if you broke up with your partner simply because you wanted to keep your insignificant reasons. Anyway, I think that most people who could go for this route are the teenagers. They are young and would think out of whim and reality.


    • morelove
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      I think it is best to shrug things off and just forget about those smallest of reasons to break up with someone. Think of it this way, mature relationships often settle when communication is present and there are a lot of ways to be thankful for having in a relationship with someone.

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    Was he making fun of them directly or just telling a joke that it is offensive for gay people? Because if it is the former, then you made the perfect decision of breaking up with him. But if it's the latter, try and tell him that type of jokes are offensive for most people