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    I have a friend who asked me if it would be fine to date someone who is not a regular woman. Well, we could say that she is a feminist, but not a simple feminist. He told me that she described herself as a radical feminist. Would it be okay to date those kinds of women?

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    A simple feminist is already fussy. So, if someone is a radical feminist then I think that it would be even harder to please her. Her points of view are different from what the average women have. I do not think that he could make her agree for a hookup on their first date.


    • lovie456
      lovie456 commented
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      What do you mean by "simple feminist" ? Is it someone who's just for female empowerment and other light topics concerning the female of the species?

    • merrygoround
      merrygoround commented
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      Marphy It does not mean that when a woman is a feminist, she does not date men anymore.

    • Marphy
      Marphy commented
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      merrygoround Of course not, girls can have a date with

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    Let's just hope that one of the guys here would be brave enough to answer your question. I feel that it would take a certain kind of guy to date a woman who considers herself as a radical feminist. Considering that's how she describes herself, I'm not sure that she would be interested in dating men. Or I'm just stereotyping her?


    • yumyum
      yumyum commented
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      I think that you are stereotyping her. When you say radical women, they are just more stringent with their beliefs.

    • truelove
      truelove commented
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      yumyum Oh really? thank you for that, I didn't know about that.

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    Is your friend planning to date a guy or another woman? Because my friends who consider themselves as a feminist end up being with women also. If she's talking about dating a guy, not sure that she can find a guy who's liberal or can tolerate her beliefs.


    • ablasta
      ablasta commented
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      Maybe you were talking about lesbians and not the feminist women. LOL.

    • 1xz9
      1xz9 commented
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      Of course, there are men who have wide understanding. Those men are not afraid to date radical women. They may be intimidating, but there are men who are more than brave enough to date them.

    • Danica505
      Danica505 commented
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      Her friend is a man, and he wanted to date a woman who happens to be a radical feminist. I do not find anything extraordinary with that one.

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    I think that he could try to date such kinds of women. I know that most radical women are intelligent, and they value equality. Since they want to have equality with men, then she could be easy to deal with. She might be open with hooking up as they are labelled as liberal women.


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      Does your friend have a deathwish or something? Not sure that a woman who considers herself as a radical feminist will be interested to date a guy.


      • Yuki23
        Yuki23 commented
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        Why are you assuming that she hates men in general? Just because she's a radical feminist it doesn't automatically mean that she hates the male species lmao.

      • imhornyimhorny
        imhornyimhorny commented
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        I think that they still have dates. Although only the brave men would be able to handle those kinds of women.

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      Based on the women that I've met who see themselves as radical feminists, most of them are either gay or would be happier to have a child of their own via adoption or artificial insemination.


      • squirrellove
        squirrellove commented
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        Lilliah Kathleen Hanna is a good example of a feminist who's married to a guy. If you don't know who she is, she's the vocalist of the bands Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and Julie Ruin.

      • Lookingforlovin
        Lookingforlovin commented
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        But why? Are you sure that they are really radical feminists or just lesbians in the hiding?

      • virgingirl
        virgingirl commented
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        Lookingforlovin some are gay but others are hetero women. they fuck guys and surely loves dick but the thought that those guys will be the father of their offspring, they would rather get a sperm in the banks.

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      I think that you should be asking the woman who sees herself as radical feminist and not the guy. Because there are men out there who likes dating women that they consider as a challenge. So it is really up to the her if she will end up falling for the guy.


      • sexyme1
        sexyme1 commented
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        Are you sure that there are men out there who consider dating a feminist as a challenge?

      • playagame
        playagame commented
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        Yeah, I think so. sexyme1

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      Originally posted by holleroutyo View Post
      I do not think that he could make her agree for a hookup on their first date.
      He would be a really smooth talker if he was able to convince her to have sex with her on their first date.


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        Is this the first time that he's going to date someone who doesn't fall in the "regular" woman category that's why he is thinking if it is a good idea or not?


        • uninvoked
          uninvoked commented
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          That is a possibility as we know that there are only few radical women out there. Most women who the men date are just the regular ones.

        • Kristen23
          Kristen23 commented
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          uninvoked So what do you think is a good idea?

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        I support equality for all, but I do not support everything that the feminists are fighting for.


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          I met some of those kinds of women and they are really strong to their belief! They control their own lives! They know all the laws of the land. So, I am a guy and granted to ask a woman in her genre, I will avoid talking about politics or any topics that will trigger her animosity and ruin our date.


          • halfSlut23
            halfSlut23 commented
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            I don't even think that a woman like that can cum during sex cause she has a lot of things in her mind. So they better avoid dating,

          • bubblebutt6969
            bubblebutt6969 commented
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            I hate to say this but I will never date a woman whose loud and bossy if I were a guy!

          • BabyUni
            BabyUni commented
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            LOL. It is like you have a generalized stigma against those radical feminists. Not all radical feminists act with those ways. There are still some nice ones.