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  • That Really Bad Date

    When it comes to bad dates, has any of you been in one that made you decide to stop dating for awhile? If so, what's the reason why that crossed your mind? Mine was with a guy who was old enough to be my dad. Met him on a dating app and he used a completely different photo as his profile pic. Before the date, we've agreed that we will use a secret word to make sure that they are the person that we're going out with. I was the first one who arrived at the restaurant and a few minutes later an older guy approaches the table and then tells me the secret word that we've agreed upon. I was thinking that he might be pranking me and hired an old guy to meet me. After a few minutes of explaining himself I agreed to stay since I kinda felt bad for him. Once the date was over, I made sure that I blocked his number so that he can't contact me ever again.

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    I feel bad for you honey. Did he at least tell you who was the guy on his profile pic? If I were in your situation, I will definitely make a scene so that he will not be forced to follow me.


    • BiancaG
      BiancaG commented
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      What kind of scene are you thinking that will make him stay away from you?

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    I had a streak in college where most of the guys that I went out with were awful. I think that it was 5 first dates.


    • XtineA
      XtineA commented
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      I thought you ran naked girl lol because I was thinking of streaking. You surely got no luck on those dates.

    • SmileDemiSmile
      SmileDemiSmile commented
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      And I'm guessing that after that streak, you got lucky with your dates already?

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    It will be when the guys that you went out with were all expecting that the two of you will be having sex by the end of the date.


    • squirrellove
      squirrellove commented
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      Was it always the guys who are expecting to have sex with you after the date?

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    It was really nice of you that you decided to stay and didn't just left him there because of his lie. Was he really apologetic during the date?


    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      If you were the one who's on that date? Are you going to leave him there or not?

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    It would be the time that I was ghosted by three different men in a span of a week. I feel like that they saw what I look like in person and decided to back out at the last minute.


    • Divina009
      Divina009 commented
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      Was it only your instinct that they ghosted you because of your looks? Won't you blame it on the date itself?

    • BugAlive
      BugAlive commented
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      Divina009 I think that pretty much says it if they're not interested because of what I look like and I can't see anything wrong on the date.

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    Are you not aware of his age when you met him on the dating app? I felt sorry for the dude but it's his fault anyway if he uploads a younger version of himself. That's why I don't like hooking up in dating apps and it wastes my time.


    • jerda201
      jerda201 commented
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      I actually like dating apps and you should carefully check the profile so you won't be deceived.

    • Mor2thisIknoe
      Mor2thisIknoe commented
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      You can actually put any age that you want on a dating app as long as the age that it is over 18.

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    I stop dating someone when he lied that he was the CEO of a company and he was rich. He already fucked up our date and there's no reason to believe him anymore and I block him.


    • SimplyAlisha
      SimplyAlisha commented
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      How are you able to find out that he wasn't rich? Did you end up paying for your date? lol

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    The only bad date I can remember is a guy who had a really bad accent and I can't even understand him. I didn't block him but I rejected to be with him anymore since I am not interested in him and he blocks me.


    • iwantFWB
      iwantFWB commented
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      I think that narrows it and he must be so frustrated and ill-tempered when you rejected him. Did you reject him in person or texted him?

    • VickyMae55
      VickyMae55 commented
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      What kind of accent are we talking about here? Was it a foreign one or more of a regional accent?

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    Maybe he is finding a sugar baby lol. I had a few bad dates which involve older men and not old men. Sometimes we can't get along because there is a generation gap and I can't understand what he is talking about.


    • 1xz9
      1xz9 commented
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      If both of you can't understand each other then at least try to learn what it's all about so both of you won't be clueless.

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    You should have at least tried to explain to him that you rather be just friends than block him maybe he got a son which you can flirt with then they will be fighting over you lol.


    • newromance
      newromance commented
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      Maybe you got your references for watching too many porn lol and you really look like Johnny Sins.

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    It was with a guy who tried to roofie my drink. Luckily the bartender saw what he did and "accidentally" nudged my drink and replaced it with a new one. When my date went to the restroom, she told me that she saw him put something on my drink and that's why she nudged it off.


    • Annalyn
      Annalyn commented
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      You're lucky that the bartender was looking out for you during that date. Did you tell him that you know what he was planning to do to you?

    • rockmybedpls
      rockmybedpls commented
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      The bartender should have kicked out the guy when she saw him put something in your drink.

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    It was with a girl who invited her best friend to join us on our date without even informing me. Got annoyed with her best friend because she's been complaining nonstop during the entire date.


    • KellyEM
      KellyEM commented
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      What was she complaining about? Is it the service of the restaurant, his boyfriend, or everything around her?

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    The worst date for me is when he is totally a different person when he showed up. You expect him to be Ryan Reynold's Deadpool but when he showed up it was Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern lol.


    • Marphy
      Marphy commented
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      LMFAO! Are you referring to his looks or was it his personality or character that had changed?