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The creepiest girl I have ever met.

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  • The creepiest girl I have ever met.

    There was this girl whom I met in a foreign socials I attended few weeks ago. We have been hanging out together for two weeks. Two days ago, she asked me to meet her parents and I did. When I arrived at their house, I was wondering why it was so dark when it was still day time. I ignored it and rang the doorbell. She went out and let me in. Their house is pretty big and well--- classic type. I asked where her parents were and she led me to them. We made it to the dining room and what welcomed my eyes made my heart skip a bit. There were many food served, however, her parents were not there. IT WAS JUST A FRAME OF HER PARENTS’ PHOTO. So, I was thinking her parents have died. She somehow comprehended what I was thinking and suddenly confirmed her parents died in a car accident five years ago. What scared me the most was when she started talking to them and introduced me. I was like, “okay… this is pretty weird and creepy.” We have dined with her parents (picture frames). Then, we went to her room. The moment I stepped inside her room, I told myself I would never see this girl again. Guess what? Her room’s floor was filled with red lighted candles and pictures of her parents. I really can’t imagine how I made it outside her house. She really was creepy. Next time, I will surely check the woman’s background before hanging out with her.

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    Oh men I'm glad you managed to escape. I would ran swiftly if this happens to me.


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      That is just so scary and sad at the same time, maybe it didnt come out the way she didn't want it too.


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        You sounded like a xenophobe by mentioning where you've met the girl. For all we know, what she did might be just a test on how you would react. It would make her realize which ones are worth to be with


        • LoveShove
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          So scaring the shit out of them is her screening process? I would be surprise if she's able to find a guy to be with

        • inertia
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          I think its an interesting way to find out which guys are gonna stick with you

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        I would have stayed and tested the waters for sure!!! she could have been one of them crazy animals in the sack and you bailed

        a chick gave me some clothes to wear one time sprayed so calhoun on them then laid on top of me smelling me they belonged to her dead ex boyfriend I hung out for a week after that why?? cuz she knew exactly what she was doing in the sack I think I have one of the shirts floating around here lol


        • bubblebutt6969
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          oh my god i'm dying over here

        • BeautifulCupful
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          How wild was she in bed?

        • leonbronsomGM
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          I'll say this in my head it was like run and I mean fast like Carl Lewis wouldn't have shit on me but my other head was like you better seat your ass down and put them clothes on!!!! lol it was awesome I mean awesome and I knew I wasn't gonna hangout to long cuz she's obviously fucking twisted but a week won't kill you at least I hoped it wouldn't it was a good week shit it was a great week

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        From what creepy website did you find that girl?


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          that is just so sad


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            Shit that was scary, that girl needs theraphy


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              or maybe her real parents are alive but she hates them so she made her ideal parents


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                At least she wasn't using mannequins as a stand-in for her parents


                • fistingfatties
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                  Or it could be worse. Having their skeletons or urns on the table

                • halfSlut23
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                  The two of you need to get your heads checked

                • PussySlay
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                  why, you dont know how creepy some people can get

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                Recently, I began to attract it's good that I'm at least lonely. Here I would be wondering if there are married men whom they attract?
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                  I have one sad story, but it was a lesson for me for my whole life((((
                  Click image for larger version

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                  But i found and everything is good!


                  • SimplyAlisha
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                    Mind sharing your story to us?