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How do I know?

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    Analyze the situation and never assume because you don't wanna ending up hurting yourself at the end.


    • Informerem
      Informerem commented
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      I agree, wrong assumptions lead to heart break.

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    You don't need to know it, sweetie, you just need to feel it.


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      Don't text for a week! Then you'll know if he actually can go on a week without you


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        I recommend you to read this article. I hope it will answer some of your questions.
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          Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Now I don't need to assume that a guy likes me.


          • TeaBroadway
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            I do not think that you need to assume, seeing your profile picture convince me that he likes you. You are so gorgeous.

          • hardandrough
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            With all the suggestions here, we cannot deny the fact that he is the only one who can answer your question so I recommend that you ask him directly.

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          I would be really surprised if you tell us that you've been friendzoned a number of times that's why you don't know if a guy is into you or not