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  • How do I know?

    How will I know if a man likes me? So many signs that are really confusing me and I don't wanna assume too. I'm new here.

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    Like he always texts you and wanting to always be with you. What's making you confused?


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      If he will drop everything just to be with you, that is one sign that he likes you.


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        If he calls or text you every time. That means that he really misses you when you are not with him.


        • CupcakeComments
          CupcakeComments commented
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          Who told you that?

        • newromance
          newromance commented
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          I agree with you, if a guy always checks you out through text or calls if you are doing okay then that means he likes you or even in love with you.

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        Observe him, if he makes eye contact with you a lot then that may be a sign that he's into you.


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          When we look at you in the eyes, we are not just staring at your eyes, we are staring at your soul.


          • honesty101
            honesty101 commented
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            That's true! I also do that to a girl that I really like.

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          We really have different ways of showing our interest to a woman. For me, I show it by looking at her in the eye and doing things that I don't usually do just for her.


          • MoiraMcTagarrt
            MoiraMcTagarrt commented
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            Really? I think that is not an effective method because it will only lead to a false assumption.

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          When I like a girl, I can't get my eyes off her. I'm like a child who saw an angel for the first time.


          • AirFeline
            AirFeline commented
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            So are you the type who tells it straightforwardly that you like her or are you the shy type that prefers to be secretive about it?

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          If you notice a bulge on his crotch area whenever you're near him and tries to find ways to spend time with you


          • SmileDemiSmile
            SmileDemiSmile commented
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            Lol, that means that he is only lusting on her but that doesn't mean that he likes her.

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          With how gorgeous you are, I bet most men will not think twice to show you they like you.


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            Can you tell me how to get your attention?


            • 1xz9
              1xz9 commented
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              Hi! How about getting my attention instead?

            • Live2Hunt
              Live2Hunt commented
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              1xz9 I guess that's a different story. I will not just get your attention, I will also get that pussy!

            • XtineA
              XtineA commented
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              I also think it's the way he'll never make you doubt he's into you. No drama, he'll say it how it is.

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            You don't need signs, dear. All you need is wait for him to tell you that she likes you.


            • J3nnyTalia
              J3nnyTalia commented
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              What if the guy is extremely shy and is lost for words every time that he is talking to her?

            • yumyum
              yumyum commented
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              I agree with you HoneyConey. If he is extremely shy then that's his fault. J3nnyTalia

            • HoneyConey
              HoneyConey commented
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              J3nnyTalia Well, that's already his fault just like what yumyum said.

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            He spends more time with you than his friends or family then there is a possibility that he likes you.


            • hitthesack
              hitthesack commented
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              Yeah, that just about right,

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            Maybe you are just assuming things, better let him be the one to tell you.


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              Through his sweet gestures. Listen to your gut she would tell you that.


              • Janbaby
                Janbaby commented
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                To add on that, she also needs to ask him whether the guy really likes her.