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  • All about virginity

    The person that you are dating at the moment told you that he/she is a virgin. But what if that's not true? What if you found out that he/she already lost his/her virginity a few years ago? Take note, you actually care about virginity. What would you do now?

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    How many women have claimed that they were virgins on their dates? How many times have I stated to my date that I had no prior sexual encounter? Lol. Well, a fool fooling another fool. Ah. life.


    • 1xz9
      1xz9 commented
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      Why is there a need to pretend to be a virgin? I know some guys would prefer experienced girls because they will both surely enjoy every minute fucking with each other without the need to instruct the things that are needed to be done.

    • virgingirl
      virgingirl commented
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      Lol. I think that there were women who pretended to be still virgins on their dates. I guess they do that claim as most men would like to bang a virgin woman.

    • bemine
      bemine commented
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      Aha! So you were one of those women who pretend to be a virgin on some of your dates, huh? Lol. How many men have you fooled already?

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    I am curious on how you found it out? Did you ask him out again? Anyway, for me, I do not think that virginity for men matters. For women, then, yes, it matters. There, you could see that I have a perception that is not fair.


    • badbadboys
      badbadboys commented
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      Virginity in men? That's pathetic! We don't care if we still have our vcards or not, it's you women who think that it still matters right?

    • ablasta
      ablasta commented
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      What kind of a partner are you if you'd only care about your partner's virginity and not the love that you both have for each other? I think it's lust and the sex that you're after and not with the person's actual feelings.

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    I would ask him why he lied to me. I need to know his reasons. If his reasons are valid, then I guess that I would be able to understand why he lied to me.


    • fistingfatties
      fistingfatties commented
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      Well, it is clear that his man was a liar. What good could we expect from those liars?

    • AlignerAlive
      AlignerAlive commented
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      He could have reasons. Those are the things that must be known first before we think of anything else.

    • squirrellove
      squirrellove commented
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      And if he could not provide good reasons? Would that be the cause to dump him already?

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    If I'd only care about his virginity well, I could pretend that I had not known that he's no longer a virgin. It just pains me that I'd get to live with a lie thinking that he's still a virgin and maybe that's okay I might get used to it.


    • VanVan01
      VanVan01 commented
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      Why'd you think would be the reason for him needing to lie to you about that? That he is no longer a virgin? Is he trying to impress you because you might have told him that being a virgin is better? My, there could be something that you have said.

    • lovie456
      lovie456 commented
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      If you two are considered virgins but which you later found out about this man that he is no longer a virgin then there would be no sense being with him after all. You two vowed to wait until marriage but it turns out that this man had already broken the promise already.

    • AirParis
      AirParis commented
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      If we truly love someone, we could do all the pretensions in the world. We could pretend that we did not know that we had learned something from him.

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    Wait, how would I even found out that she has already lost her vcards a few years ago? She did not tell me about that and it would be impossible if someone would come up to me and tell that to my face. I want to confront her about that before I'd even believe that she is not a virgin anymore but I won't be mad, why the hell would I be mad for?


    • Vichie
      Vichie commented
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      What is the man who got her first was the one who told you? Of course, this could happen if that man has grudges over her.

    • CupcakeComments
      CupcakeComments commented
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      You found out when you had a sex? Because if not, then how? Lol.

    • Carlosa34
      Carlosa34 commented
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      CupcakeComments I'm having the same thoughts as well. How could that be possible? I mean she should be the one telling the truth here, not assuming things immediately.

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    I would not confront him. But I would be able to fully know it when we would have sex. There are differences to be seen when someone is a virgin.


    • HoneyHoney72
      HoneyHoney72 commented
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      Do not confront him just yet because you aren't so sure about it unless it came from him that he is no longer a virgin. But yes, a little observing will do for you to know if it's true or not.

    • AnneCubix
      AnneCubix commented
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      For me, you should not bother anymore. Just ignore that you had known something about him.

    • Annalyn
      Annalyn commented
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      Is there a reliable way to determine if someone is a virgin or not? I mean, scientifically?

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    Virginity is a special gift that should be given to the special person of our lives. That said, both men and women should be virgins before marriage. Okay, that is the traditional view and I think that it is one of the best beliefs that this world had ever conceived.


    • Lingtote
      Lingtote commented
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      It is a belief so, therefore, some people still think and practice this as a sacred form of love. But now, I don't think that people would still be practicing this since they're all liberated and had experienced losing their virginities already.

    • jerda201
      jerda201 commented
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      Some people still practice this kind of tradition and I think it is the most sacred and most serious thing that you can do for the person you truly love. This is why people often say wait until marriage. They're implying about giving your all (virginity) during the honeymoon between you two right after getting actually married.

    • CuddlyPac
      CuddlyPac commented
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      In most non-Western countries, virginity is not an issue. But in most conservative countries, it counts a lot.

  • #9
    Then she shouldn't have mentioned in the first place that she is still a virgin. Why does she need to tell me those lies? I don't like it if someone tells me lies instead of telling me the truth. I won't be mad if she's no longer a virgin, what will drive me mad is the fact that she needed to lie to me when it is not even necessary to do so.


    • AirFeline
      AirFeline commented
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      But does she deserve to still have you? I don't know about you two but I guess lying about being a virgin is not right. Then again, if virginity does matter to you then maybe you might confront her about it.

    • MasQue
      MasQue commented
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      AirFeline and if a woman's virginity matters to hitthesack then he might as well leave this woman for good and find a woman who is an absolute virgin, like 100% virgin. Would it still be possible to find someone who's still a virgin? I'd doubt.

  • #10
    Well, the issue that I can see from here is not the virginity but the lying. If the person that I am dating can lie to me, then I wouldn't continue dating him. That's because I wouldn't want to be with a dishonest man.


    • halfSlut23
      halfSlut23 commented
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      That is true, you can be with someone virgin or not but if you're dating a dishonest person then you shouldn't be with them for too long. Expect that sooner or later he or she will always have to lie to you just so they can get away with anything.

    • fucklove
      fucklove commented
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      If my man is no longer a virgin, I would accept that but he does not have to lie to me about it. That's ridiculous. We're old enough already to be lying to anyone.

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    If my partner lied about his virginity, I will stop dating him and just tell him to find other women who wants to be with a liar and at the same time with a non-virgin.


    • lover404
      lover404 commented
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      Oooh girl, you definitely do not deserve thhat kind of guy. You can look for other guys there who aren't liars or is still a virgin but it would take a lot of patience for you to wait for that perfect guy to come into your life.

    • TastyLove
      TastyLove commented
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      That's what he gets, that's what he deserves for lying! I don't think that other women wont mind him being a virgin or not, but what about him being a liar? Not one woman in this world likes to be with a liar.

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    For men, virginity can be a big deal because of course, we want that we will be the one who will take the virginity of our partners. So if I found out that my girl lied to me about that, I will dump her and just find another one who is a real virgin.


    • KellyEM
      KellyEM commented
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      I admire your honesty there, and your username does suit you too lol. But anyway, it would be unfair for you guys that aren't virgins anymore. Why is it a big deal for a woman to stay pure before you'd guys would 'take her virgin' right after marriage, huh?

    • HugKenji
      HugKenji commented
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      Would you be able to find a real virgin? I doubt that one. Most women in this period of time are no longer virgins.

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    What is so important with a virginity? We are living in a modern age and world where it is no longer a requirement. If you are a virgin, and you want to keep it that way, then fine.


    • holleroutyo
      holleroutyo commented
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      Also, what is this VIRGINITY thing anyway? People are just conditioning other people's minds thinking that this whole concept of virginity is something important of what means becoming a woman, well, damn that fucking mindset.

    • Informerem
      Informerem commented
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      I think that people still do believe that virginity still matters and is sacred to be kept. Let them think of it that way if that's what makes them believe about the concept of virginity.

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    I don't really care whether the person is really a virgin or not. I'm more concerned whether I'm dating a compulsive liar. Because if that virginity thing was a lie, I would second guess everything that he has told me


    • #15
      Maybe that's his way to get women sleep with him because there are women who are into that sort of thing


      • J3nnyTalia
        J3nnyTalia commented
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        Do you think that sort of thing actually worked? I bet the girls that he slept with were surprised that he knew what he was doing considering that he is a "beginner"